Monday, 6 March 2017

Brave's Battles: Rust (Store Championship Report)

Back to the usual rants and raves today as I report on my first outing of this season.
The venue being Global Gaming Arena and the occasion being the Store Championships.

Diamond Quartz is aged and tired but I need it to last me a little bit longer, at least till the end of this month, so obviously I played Dimension Police though I admit I initially had no intention of playing at all. I went over there to offer an extra hand, it wasn't needed and well what else was I going to do?

We had 16 players, didn't take note of the Clan Breakdown this time around at all, probably should have done given the event type but also given the small size of the tournament the exact pool could be argued to be immaterial.

What I can provide is what I fought and what was the top 4 but other than that, not much to offer on terms of local meta insight.

Round 1: Vs Link Joker Frozen Messiah
This game had two distinct phases.
Phase A I had the dramatically more advantageous tempo while the opponent was sitting atop Freeze Ray Dragon. Tempo shifted with the game moving to Phase B with the arrival of Alter Ego Messiah, the opponent starts rebuilding their resources, now dedicating units to board for locking and multi-attacking shenanigans having
 kept my own offensive efforts within a manageable range of their guarding capacity prior to the transition. The Link Joker deck had gained full control with the roles flipped and me on the defensive. The opponent was in possession to close out game and secured the point. I do believe this outcome was preventable and my loss comes down to a failure on my part during game progression so I can't be salty here.
-LOSS (0-1)

Round 2: Vs Gear Chronicle Time Leap.
In this match up I knew I would be on the back foot from the start as time leap as answer to situations at all times, as in both in their turn and yours, but I did what I could and this time around I don't feel I did anything wrong. I cut off their counter blast supply after their first Nextage refusing to swing a two critical rearguard into their face after they'd guarded my vanguard.

The which the opponent answered with Fate Rider which I was able to shrug off, I followed with my own opportunity to go in for the kill but missed the mark with a double G-Guard and the cat stand triggering twice rendering Daikaiser Leons guard break ineffectual and when I did manage to hit on a retry it failed to land for lethal. The Gear player with Counterblasts now available was able to resume their regular gambit plan.
-LOSS (0-2) Out of the running for top cut

Round 3: VS Angel Feather Nociel
Opponent had to G-Assist for their Grade 3. managed to break even again with Nociel's abilities but it still created an early hole in their defence which in turn led to them not guarding my initial stride attack from a Daiearth, with the triple drive yielding a twin critical and thus 3 damage to face in a single burst, while the damage zone in Angel Feathers is like a second hand the deck isn't a fan of taking on too much damage as he result of a single attack, singular damage favours them as each chip makes the following attacks less likely to hit and easier to guard, but all that damage dealt in one go shut down that defence mechanism. That blow wasn't enough for game but it did contribute heavily to it and aside from that spot my memory of this game is rather lacking other than I won. Honestly admitting I'm having a blank on this game feels like I'm being disrespectful to the opponent whom is someone I know well enough that I should be able to remember our exchanges.

-WIN (1-2)

Round 4: Vs Aqua Force Blue Wave
I had first turn, hit the Enigman ride chain going 8000 > 10000 > 13000 for my base stat after each of my opening three turns... wait- 13000? Psst I'll get to that.
Anyhow normally I'd hit the 10k grade 2 and that would help vs Aqua Force. Yeah... not this time. It turns out Blue Wave can hit 11k with Grade 2 side's on their 3rd and 4th attacks, and to make matters worse for me, this same unit has means via other support to become 13k instead meaning it even overcomes cross ride base completely thwarting my defensive plan for this exact match up. When the time came around for my first stride I know they'd checked a Perfect Guard in the twin Drive previous turn and that there was only 3 cards in the hand in total, I had an opening and had to take it. Daiearth Laurel play set up, try and rebuild that hand I lost in guarding the previous turn's barrage. Take out the double attacker. NOPE.
The third card that I didn't know about had been in the opposing hand since turn 1. It was a Heal and I felt Dizmyl with despair as my recovery plan got swiftly shafted. I didn't take long to be drowned after that. There's defeats and then there's being utterly crushed- this was certainly the latter.
-LOSE (1-3)

So I clearly wasn't making Top 4 but I can tell you what Top 4 was.

Gear Chronicle
Gear Chronicle
Narukami Vanquisher

Link Joker Messiah (my round 1 opponent)

Now I couldn't honestly tell you which was 3rd and 4th as that wasn't played out but the Gear decks were in opposing matches in the semis both winning to meet each other in the final and this game I watched personally as there was an interesting match brewing given the players in question. On one side of the table was Ellis Reeves the UK Cardfight National Champion of last Season, and his opponent was Kaifie Yu, the UK Buddyfight National Champion of last season. Both their decks are very similar and both know each other very well.
 The defending CFV champion scoring the favourable damage targets, taking out the opposing Tick Tock Worker, but the challenger having the more favourable drives on the whole and being able to use the resulting momentum to win the match and take the certificate and the BYE card.

This was only the first of five store championships in the immediate area so I'm willing to wager that the defending CFV champion will be able to a bye from one of the other four, of which I am looking to attend three of these. There's one store that I've decided I will not support at all as I've heard of their business practices and while what they do nothing wrong legally I find them to be overly aggressive at trying to sell and make money so I will not pass through their doors even if they do happen to be playing host to a store championship round.

I don't need to win any of these events but I want to do better than I did today at least.
End my days in the black not the red.


Post Script:
The following day was Weiss Swarchz and Buddyfight at the same venue.
There was but just 4 entrants to the Weiss Swarchz with Big J proving to be the victor and claiming that bye card.
Buddyfight later in the day was more popular but the contest remained very much between regulars; the final was between closest friend going by a new gimmick of CM Paul now apparently and god dammit Kai since one victory ticket that weekend apparently wasn't enough, he was in the Buddy finals aiming to claim another. I wasn't there so I can't comment on who played what or any form of play notes but I can say CM Paul won.

Now between Kai winning the Vanguard, Big J Wiess and CM Paul the Buddyfight it means the three members of the local faction House Of Gold each take a form of gold away from this weekend the the faction as a whole finishes the week in a dominant showcase.