Monday, 13 March 2017

Brave's Battles: Second Chance

BVD here,
Reporting in after Local Shop Championships Stage 2 of 5, this time was Game HQ and I remembered to list the clan base and top cut this time! Things are looking up!

I also came back with a negative win rate... and things fell down again.
Karmic justice would be the applicable phrase to mind as I took a Grade 1 Gold Rush.
It lost to Generation Break decks three times and that was the first 3 rounds out of 5. At 2 down I was already out of the top cut hopes, at 3 down I no longer had chance of positive win rate either.

Round 1 Angel Feather Rescue piloted by Fox managed to get a double heal during the course of the game and get out of kill zone.

Round 2 vs Gear Chronicle piloted by a long absent, but returning player, Brave Buddy Snake, (who I don't think I've either mentioned before) I lost due to my own fault and error. All on me can't be salty there.

Round 3 vs Pale Moon Magia I thought I had this one, had the ideal early game board and was allowed to maintain that, opponent focused on swinging face, good choice as knocking out my rears wouldn't have bothered me. Fielded their grade 3s and used them for pushing keeping grade 2 in hand for shield value, smart play all round. Even so I managed to whittle their defences down but with one card left in their hand and myself out of steam after that turn that last card had shield enough to cover the LA. They out lasted the short life span of Gold Rush and took the win fair game.

Round 4 vs Royal Paladin Sanctuary of Light gave me my first win of the day but too little too late with damage already done, even so I didn't defeat the opponent because they defeated themselves first by not knowing how to play and attack correctly with the SoL deck which is a deck of sticking to the bare basics. But hey at least I wasn't the one going home in complete defeat? (Sorry for saying that to whoever was the last)

Round 5 vs Genesis Revelation and a grade locked opponent stuck at grade 1. It did mean were both playing the grade 1 beat down game but that's a game I had 100% consistency in while the opponent did not. I win.

Final score of 2-3.
Current sub-total 3-6. That's not good, not good at all.
I need to seriously get my rear into gear, get out of the red, into the black, and start building towards the green. I do not want to come to the end of this locals series still on a negative win rate.

Next week is Escape Games, hopefully that round I can escape defeat and come out with a positive win rate, but I've got do more than just be 1 above my losses if I want to close that difference of 3.

Personal banter aside onto the event's details!
20 People entered with the clans as follows.

4x Royal Paladin (1 SGD, 1 Brave, 1 Alfred, 1 SoL)

3x Gear Chronicle (All Chrono Time Leap)
2x Angel Feather (1 Rescue, 1 Nociel)
2x Gold Paladin (1 G1 Rush, 1 Gurguit)
2x Kagero (Overlord)
1x Genesis (Revelation)
1x Granblue (Nightrose)
1x Link Joker (Messiah)
1x Murakumo (Hyakki)
1x Nova Grappler (Victor)
1x Pale Moon (Magia)
1x Shadow Paladin (Diablo Luard)

Of these ranks 8-5 comprised of (in no particular order)
Murakumo Hyakki
Royal Paladin Brave
Shadow Paladin Diablo Luard
Granblue Nightrose

Those that beat them to form the top four are
Nova Grappler Victor and Gear Chronicle Time Leap who would face each other in one semi-final.
The other semi-final was an Angel Feather Mirror Match for a second time of asking in the same day.

Semi 1 had Ellis fighting in it piloting the Gear deck, Semi 2 had Fox so two local lads remained in the tournament while all others from the area were out; of these only 1 made it to the finals.

Their match going to time, going past the three turn rule and into sudden death where he eventually picked up the win. It was Fox who advanced.

Ellis lost his bout against Nova Grapplers meaning the final showdown was Nova Grappler Victor vs Angel Feather Rescue. The robots failed to reach heaven, Taggen Toppa did not pull through and the win and byes went to Fox who will join with his House of Gold team mate, Kai in having two byes going into the CFV UK Regional (or as we call it, Nationals) at Cardiff in June.
And now, may our prayers become victory!
2 down, 3 more to go. Who else from the region will go into to Cardiff with 1 of the 30 Byes available?

Decker Out. I'm going to return to doing something I can actually do, and that's writing. I've got a part 2 retrospective to complete.