Monday, 20 March 2017

Brave's Battles: Diamond is (NOT) unbreakable

Written Sunday 19th March

Third Shop Championship stage and the goal is further out of reach than ever.
Going into today with sub-total score of 3-6 (-3) and leaving with a sub-total of 4-9 (-5)

I can admit the fault lies with me but that isn't enough unless I actively avoid repeating the same mistakes and errors that proved so costly during the course of today.

Round 1 vs Shadow Paladin Luard
I am informed this was a 4 Grade 3 list. I needed to G-Assist for the Grade 1, in doing so I case away two of my four Daiearths and vs Shadows who have Diablos this is a major mistake. It came back to bite my after just one Carnivore, I needed my second Daiearth play to avoid losing but due to my earlier action evidently I did not.
Suggested action next time would be to drop Leon instead. If going into the back foot you need that recovery from Daiearth and when you do get that opening, take that one Leon shot and make it count. I should know this but rust takes time to scrape off and it seem I'm still recovering from my winter hibernation.

Round 2 vs Aqua Force Blue Wave
Same opponent who DESTROYED me when we met in stage 1. This time I get even. Their early game was not as prominent as it had been in the last encounter but  that wasn't the deciding factor. I was on 3 damage before grade 3 ride. I had first stride. Earth Laurel standard procedure. Opponent had 5 cards in hand, unlike last time where I attempted to snipe rear first. I just went face. Luarel went off, so to did critical checks, the two together were game. A chance driven result, not dictated by skill so I can't really take the credit, but I will take the point.

1 win, 1 loss, 2 more rounds to go.

I lose both of them.

Round 3 vs Megacolony Machining

Given what Diamond is missing the grade 3's when it counts more than normal really smarts but even so I made a mistake in allowing the opponent first stride chance, I should have stalled on Grade 2 took first stride for myself and put my reserves in place for if I missed a Grade 3 before allowing Machining Destroyer to come into play. Again rust and hindsight.

Round 4 vs Luard Diablo
Very close tight game I fell behind, got back in, fell behind got back in. Had a chance for a kill but doubted the drives and apparently doubt leads to death. Situation was needing 2 breaks for game. Check 1 break, check 2 crit. I mentally calculate the chance of getting the second break in the given situation and deem in unfavourable placing trigger buffs on a rearguard.
I score the second break. Luarel comes into play and vanguard Leon swings again. A stand trigger yields. The double trigger buffed rearguard Daibazooka attempts the last attack but is blocked.
For my hesitation and doubt the shadow player manages a response with Spectral Diablo first swinging for 50000, secondly for 63000. By the way I was at 5 damage at this point so this in mind, and the other attacks in the Shadow turn, I stood no chance. I went against the DP creed and failed to dedicate all in.

Final result 1-3.

At this point I need to top one of the remaining two stages to close the gap and work towards an at least break even total.

I was hoping to enter a sneak peak today to but that was unable to happen as kits never arrived, or more liekly were never ordered. That doesn't explain the missing bye card and certificate though.

That's my personal log segment for this done, now about the tournament as a whole.
There were 12 entrants and I have them all listed (clans only, not providing names) including top 4.

2x Gear Chronicle Time Leap
2x Shadow Paladin Luard Diablo

1x Aqua Force Blue Wave
1x Dark Irregular Blade Wings
1x Dimension Police Diamond
1x Granblue Nightrose
1x Link Joker Fozen Messiah

1x Megacolony Machining
1x Pale Moon Magia
1x Royal Paladin Brave

For top 4
Gear Chronicle Time Leap vs Granblue Nightrose
Rose won
Link Joker Frozen Messiah vs Pale Moon Magia

Messiah bought victory.

Which of course means the final goes down to Granblue vs Link Joker, a match that favours the former very heavily. Pirates did in the end win and honestly I'd only seen the guy before once, and that was at last week's shop championship.

I would like to say, giving credit where it is due, Escape Games, the venue is much cleaner than I remember, still a tip in parts and the game room's and the are bin looks like it needs clearing out more often. I can actually go there now though without concerns over mould, which is horrid on my chest. It' a positive.

In any case we're 4-9 (-5) down with two more stages to go but Crazy Diamond will not be joining me for those meetings, the deck's service is at an end and I will be converting back over towards pure archtypes. So the point of the title Crazy Diamond Quartz is being decommissioned and a new built with new cards will take over.

Decker out, it seems I need to practice, and not via Cardfight Area, that doesn't count it's not the same as in person.

P.S. I am salty I didn't get to do a sneak peak though, was looking forward to that.