Wednesday, 11 January 2017

Trinity Dragon Remnants Part 1

Cardfight!! Vangaurd G CHB-02 We Are!!! Team Trinity Dragon! releases this Friday in Japan and courtesy of FreedomDuo we have scans for all the remaining cards. Plenty of commons in there but away we we go due to the sheer bulk of content to cover I'm again staying away from Great Nature as my good friend, Kippran will have you covered there, so stay tuned to his side if your interests lie in with the beasts of knowledge.

This means I have only 2 clans to cover so Oracle Think Tank and Dimension Police the former of which I am going to go over first. But before that there's an out standing Card Of The Day which needs to be covered.

 Deity Dynasty Defense Official, Amatsu-hikone

[CONT]: Sentinel
[AUTO]: [Choose 1 card from your hand, discard it] When this Unit is placed on (GC) from the hand, you can pay the cost. If you pay it, choose 1 of your Units being attacked, during that battle, it cannot be hit.

[AUTO] Drop Zone GB1 Oracle: [Counter Blast 1] When your turn ends, you can pay the cost. If you pay it, return to your hand, then choose 1 card from your hand at random and bind it face-down.

I'm not rating this for the PG portion of the card, I'm judging it's bounce ability which I can sum up like so.
Russian Roulette.

I don't care if it's 1/6 chance or 1/10 I'm do not like the idea of paying a counterblast to bounce a PG if there's a chance it'll go to bind immediately after and be locked out the game.
Now credit where credit is due, it's the easiest PG to bounce, but the potential draw back as a result is extremely punishing if you shoot the loaded chamber of the gun, ideally the more hand you have the less chance you have of loosing this card to the aether meaning the intention is you grab this card whilst you hand size on the higher end of single digits at least, that in mind it would stand to reason you are supposed to use this card to keep your hand from depleting so you can then grab it again to consistently re-use, so goes the theory anyway though I do wonder how well that actually works and how much testing R&D actually did for this card.

I could very possibly be underestimating and undervaluing this card but I will at least acknowledge that possibility if nothing else.

That done let's move on to the remnants of this set.

Battle Sword Deity, Toyokuniushi
[AUTO](VC/RC) GB1: When this unit attacks a Vanguard, this gets power +4000 during this battle.
[CONT] (RC) Oracle: This unit gets "Intercept" and "[AUTO]: When this unit intercepts this units that Shield+5000 until the end of the battle.".

This is long the line of those Grade 3 you may not use in a final build but, despite being a 10k base, is the sort of Grade 3 that would serve well in a draft where not striding often, if at all.

For GenBreak1 this guy pushes for an additional +4000 power and while with a booster this knocks into into a 3 stage lane pusher what I'm looking more at the second Skill. While you are in Oracle State this guy has intercept.
For draft this makes how you manage your resources a matter of timing and strategy. If you can use this to contribute to blocking an attack before dropping out of Oracle. So long has he's already intercepted if you should then leave Oracle state this card will still keep the +5000 shield it gained from triggering the Auto Ability within the Oracle skill, The skill will cease to be but the stat bonus it granted will remain.

Trainee Weather Girl, Smoothie
[AUTO] (RC) GB1: When this unit's attack hits a vanguard, Countercharge 2.

A generic card that does one thing and one thing only, this is it's not really of in regular fights or in drafts. The latter of which is what I tend to consider more when dealing with the bulk commons of a set, we know they won't make it into a players finished deck most of the time so instead the booster draft enviroment becomes the topic to talk about.
As for why it won't help much a draft, you probably aren't spending much Counterblast in draft games.

Religious Girl  Of Fortune, Sachi
[CONT](VC/RC)Oracle: This unit gets Power +2000
[AUTO]: During the battle in which your Vangaurd is attacked, if this unit intercepts this unit gets Shield +5000.

Battle Phase Oracle is easy to mange since you can your Vangaurd Attacks to help with getting to Oracle state, and when in Oracle this card can make pretty decent lanes with almost any Grade 1 Booster ready to support.

Special Intercepts often prove themselves useful in a drafting enviroment for the extra defence they offer within the limited card pool of card available at the time, in exchange for the defensive bonus though they lack in an ability to make stable 16k+ lanes. This card doesn't have that issue bringing both the capacity to form stable 2 stage lanes while also being able to intercept as a 2 stage shield, not enough to make the cut in a constructed deck but it will be a good pick within a booster draft.

Battle Sister Syrup
[AUTO](RC)GB1: When this unit boosts Soulcharge 1

It is questionable if you would run this in the Archtype deck at all but certainly not in draft. In a booster Draft given the small decks we have to use, try to force this pick onto another player in your drafting pod.
Why do I say this? It's all to do with the way the unit's ability is worded. Syrup when boosting FORCES a Soulcharge, it isn't optional. In a Sneak Peak when these card come to us in about 6 weeks you do not want to be loosing cards off of your deck and drawing closer to deck out- but you do want to try and force your opponent into that situation.
I'll revise my statement about this card being terrible in Draft. It's bad for you but a perfect card to force onto someone else.

The only Oracle Think Tank cards I've not shown on the blog by this point are two vanilla trigger, these do not need to be shown for they are triggers like any others so instead some advice. When it comes to draft find out the rule set of your LGS. Must you take a trigger unit  AND a normal unit from each pack you open or only the first? Adjust your plans accordingly.
For what I am about say I shall assume the latter to be the scenario. On the first pack you are forced to take the trigger unit and can they take any unit, if the unit a dead rare don't be tempted to keep it instead of a common if it's a RR or above obviously you take that.

From your second pack onwards if you open a trigger unit that is STAND, HEAL or CRITICAL and you only have a Single Rare in the pack, take the trigger unit. If you open a Draw Trigger then pass it on and attempt to have it land on someone else to have to draw.

If you open up a RR or above and it is good money or trade bait then keep that and pass the trigger along regardless what trigger type it be, there's potential risk to this but you  now have something to contribute back towards the Sneak Peak entry fee.

I will come back to these drafting tips before too long as some revision on what to look out for among the clutter. RR's and above will be omitted from Draft analysis when the time comes.

I've yet to do Dimension Police yet but we'll handle that tommorow this is getting long enough as it is.