Sunday, 11 December 2016

The Circus Queen - Luquier Returns

AUTO [Soul] LB4: [Soul Blast 1 – Other “Silver Thorn”] When your Main Phase begins, you can pay the cost. If you pay it, Call this card to (RC). During that turn, you can have this Unit gains Power+3000. If you do so, when that turn ends, return this Unit to the Soul.
AUTO (VC): During your turn, when your G Unit with “Silver Thorn” in its original card name [Strides], choose 1 of your Vanguards, during that turn, it gains “Auto (VC): When your “Silver Thorn” Unit is placed on (RC) from Soul, during that turn, that Unit gains Power+3000.”.

Finally the True Queen of the Circus ring returns and she does so in fine style. Bearing her original name allowing for cross ride defences but armed with new skills, including an ability to save many wishful Silver Thorn's Player's Wallets, given the relatively obscene price for the original print still.

Luquier’s new Limit Break triggers from in the soul with a magia style twist to it, while not bearing the Magia sub-skill type. She is able to be 14k beater during your turns and then in end phases return to the soul.

This ability complements well with the existing Silver Thorn deck by providing a target card for cards like Silver Thorn Dragon Master, Mystique Luquier (who'll see a slight climb in value due to this card but shouldn't be an increase too harsh) and Silver Thorn Assistant, Zelma.
This new retrain of the leader of the Silver Thorns offers not just her new Limit Break though but she also promotes striding for the Silver Thorn deck to.
This ability adds value to using the deck's only current dedicated stride but it also suggests a new stride for the archetype in Rummy Labyrinth to. By giving a Silver Thorn Stride an additional passive skill that triggers for each soul call The Queen encourages her entourage to constantly switch formations and dance about the stage, a dynamic performance to behold indeed

Further interestingly is how the card also supports having multiple copies of herself given that if one is your vanguard and you stride with another in soul, the use of the soul bound copies limit break will mean that copy gains +6000.

Is there enough here for a return to relevance, no. But there is enough to save many players wallets on this currently casual deck. I'll be following this deck as it develops.
G-CHB03: Rummy Labyrinth doesn't hold appeal for me on the whole but the set has fulfilled one of the criteria I personally hoped for, albeit not how I had expected it to. With the weekend over and a new week upon us the Trinity Dragon spoilers are sure to resume and as I already stated I have significant interest in this set.