Thursday, 29 December 2016

COTD catch-up: The Week After Christmas

This is going to be a catch up post since I've been otherwise engaged the past few days, it understandable though given the time of year.

I'm not covering Great Nature cards here since my interest is in catching up so I will focus on the two clans I'm more comfortable with handling and for Great Nature I wish to pass over to a forum board pal from PoJo, no not pojo staff those guys are terrible when it comes to their ability to judge cards, no this person is just a fellow user of the boards and a server mate on Discord to. Kippran.

When it comes to matters involving the creatures of education aiming for enlightenment and academic success there is no other I would trust more so with their knowledge than Kipp
So head over to his recently launched blog at and I trust you'll be in good hands for all your Great Nature needs.

With that said it allows me to focus on the two thirds of this set I'm in a better position to speak about.

Let's begin with some sweet sisters, or would these count as savoury?

 Battle Sister, Crepe

[CONT] (RC) GB1 Oracle: This Unit gains Power+2000.
[AUTO] (RC): [Counter Blast 1 – “Battle Sister” card] When this Unit’s attack hits a Vanguard, and you have a Grade 3 or higher “Battle Sister” Vanguard, you can pay the cost. If you pay it, draw 1 card.

This is going to be a change of tune from how I have been slamming Oracle Think Tank but I have underestimated the accumulative pressure the Battle Sister deck can output. Oracle Think Tank still doesn't have much going for it and I'll stick by that, all they really do is draw and draw. But that's still advantage of form at the end of the day.

Crepre is a pressure card that's live early and while I'd criticise being on-hit CB1 to draw it's live from turn 2 and that make the input-output a fair exchange, partnered with the decks Heart Bearer and recent Stride, and it's these two cards in combination I underestimated and make the deck what I would consider level 1 viable, (Where Level 1 is a locals on casual on-line tournament) this card is a nice treat to have so give your opponent their cake and make them eat it.

Battle Sister, Berry-Mousse

[AUTO] (RC): During your turn, when another “Battle Sister” Unit is placed on (VC) or (RC), during that turn, this Unit gains Power+2000.

Not a card likely to make the cut for the deck but despite to the eye simplicity this is the type of cards that gets ignored only to catch some unwitting soul with their pants down.
Powerful by any means no, but if you draft enough in Battle Sisters in a Sneak Peak then this card may be something to watch out for in that given situation. And yes the draft only occurs on the week before main set release and Bushiroad don't really develop their expansions with draft in mind but this is a clear example of a card likely to not see play in constructed, but be a black horse in draft.


Enigman Zephyr (Above left)
[AUTO]: Forerunner[AUTO] (RC): [Counter Blast 1] At the beginning of your Attack Step, you may pay the cost. If you pay it, return this card to the hand.
Burst – [AUTO] GB1: When this card is placed on (RC), if your Vanguard’s Power is 10000 or more, during that turn, this Unit gains Power+4000. If your Vanguard’s Power is 3000 or more, choose 1 of your Vanguards, during that turn, it gains Power+4000.

Enigman Zephyr is a nice card to have and I'm a fan of being able to bounce a forerunner to hand anyway. It's a CB to do it but that's not uncommon when it comes to bouncing starters to hand, Bermuda do it as part their over all play style, those typically that's a case of using the forerunner to trigger bouncing instead of bouncing itself. So a better example, a particular Link Joker Star-vader that while is on the whole considered a poor card I have a particular fondness for using it with Freeze Ray; the card of which I speak is Earnest Star-vader, Selenium. Any means of getting an initial lock tends to cost a counterblast and due his condition for bouncing you can't bounce him till you're at grade 3, this typically marking the start of mid game. Enigman Zephyr may itself cost 1CB but can be used instantly if you feel you need to, it's an option and while it is far from being among our more threatening starters it does allow itself to be used as perhaps our most defensive forerunner.

Enigman Sirocco (Above Right)

Burst – [AUTO] (RC): [Soul Blast 1] At the beginning of your Attack Step, if your Vanguard’s Power is 10000 or more, you may pay the cost. If you pay it, during that battle, this Unit gains Power+2000. If your Vanguard’s Power is 15000 or more, choose 1 of your opponent’s Units, during that battle, that Unit cannot Intercept.

Enigman Sirocco is like the old Narukami Dune Runners, I guess the idea with those back then was they sand trapped intercepts immobilising them and preventing their intervention in combat but I'm sidetracking. What does this similar card offer in Dimension Police? For 1 it's a card of the opponent's hand and we can retire those when they are placed in Guardian Circle (GC) since we also have Enigman Helm. Soul Blast as a cost makes this unfriendly towards the ride chain despite the potentially early use it is capable of, but the partner unit I just mentioned fills the soul. And yet it comes back to that issue of not really compatible with the old Ride Chain. True for most of the new Enigmans and the fact we've a new Grade 0 starting point cements that fact. Bushiroad is no longer pushing Enigman as we once knew them. The new support is a new deck in of itself. A deck with many tools but at the same time somewhat crashing into itself. There's utility but no clear synergy. Glimpses of ideas and combinations but then these clash into each other all on their way to the same destination but wanting to do it under their own means and they reward you for letting them travel in their desired way. It is an issue that can create quite the problem in actual play.

Between Oracle Think Tank and Dimension Police it's hard to say who really comes out on top. One had the stronger start then sort of flopped, the other picked up after the combinations and synergies became more clear.

I am certain of this much. Post Trinity Dragon the competitive Dimension Police deck will still be Dimensional Robos, there is nothing that the set has offered to the clans other factions that can topple this truth.

Oracle Think Tank still have their GR to be revealed, we know partially what it does already but the card may hold more yet. While the clan doesn't appear it will finish this expansion with the tools it needs to return to the metagame the support has at least been fair.

Great Nature's support my stance is unchanged. The clan already has a solid base in the meta and I don't know how that deck will change post expansion, but maybe my friend Kipp will be able to tell you more on that than I can.

Blogger Editor really screwed with me today so if the post is broken in parts I apologise, I've done what I can to try and fix the issue or if not possible work around, including purging format and redoing but if this doesn't work don't expect this post to be live for long.