Wednesday, 15 June 2016

V-Talks: Battle Tendency

Sneak Peaks for G-07 Radiant Sword were this past weekend.
I pulled good, got some things, but not the things I really need to help me going into Cardiff, came up short on that front. Be that as it may I'm testing with what I do have access to in this final week leading up to Cardiff. My results are not promising but I must persevere.

There are things I wish to say, and thoughts I wish to layout but no matter what I say there is one thing that I will always go back to. I won't go on about how to succeed nor how to win, nor be the best. My philosophy is much more simple. If I'm going down, I'm going down fighting. The goal isn't necessarily to win, but rather the goal is to not lose, and to walk away when the dust is settled accomplished in your own right, whatever your personal objective may have been.

Ultimately, even in a large competition a game should still be a game and if you take yourself, or your actions too seriously you're loosing sight of that truth. Fight with honour and respect, you are a warrior and your deck your sword and shield, and your weapons are not mere tools but partners on the battle field, just as your allies are to.

I guess what I mean to say is this.
Respect yourself and your peers. Respect your opponent's property just as you would want them to respect yours. Play firmly and with conviction but fair and with honour.

There are typically two approaches at this stage, Play Hard or Go Home, or play for fun, and enjoy a good time. I prefer the latter.

I'm too busy to write up a Brave's Battles report from the sneak peaks so I didn't bother, but I felt I ought to say something before Cardiff.