Monday, 20 June 2016

Brave's Battles: ZERO

That's my score from Spring Fest, realistically speaking, 0

I scored 1 win all weekend, both in casual and competitive play, and that was due to pummelling someone for Grade Lock.
Team went 2-4 total.

I'll keep this short mostly.

Round 1: Win
Daikaiser Vs Amon: Loss
Oracle Vs Bad End Ogle: Win
SGD Vs Gear Chronicle: Win

Round 2: Loss
Daikaiser Vs Amon: Win
CoCo Vs Seven Seas: Loss
SGD Vs Nociel: Loss

Round 3: Loss
Daikaiser vs Ripples: Loss
Coco Vs Overlord
: Loss
SGD Vs Machining: Loss

Round 4: Loss
Daikaiser Vs Overlord: Loss
Coco Vs -forgotten-: Loss
SGD Vs Gold Paladin: Win

Round 5: Loss
Daikaiser Vs Magus: Loss
Coco Vs NN Maidens: Loss
SGD Vs Nightrose: Loss

Round 6: Win
Daikaiser Vs Gavrail Rescue: Loss
CoCo Vs Blade Wing: Win
SGD Vs Brawlers: Win

Round 2 Daikaiser win only due to opponent Grade Stuck and 2 G-Assist fails, it happens...
Same for SGD victory in R4, Opponent was Grade Stuck.

Personal Favourite match, vs Ripples, player was hardcore otaku and it made my team mates cringe, I just don't care, I accept that behaviour for what it is, this game though was an incredible gauntlet, I kept him off Limit Break until going for the kill at time with God Cannon, I hit my mark but he twin healed, taking us into extra time, and with them now also in Limit Break, at this point I still put up a fight but staggered, a much earlier misplay of letting Shadowkaiser die was probably the critical error as given the match-up being on cross ride would have changed a lot an probably granted me, the win.

The most embarrassing defeat was to Rescue, as I strode to Leon adamant that the opponent had sentinels to hand, had I gone X-Tiger though I would have won, turns out the rescue deck wasn't running sentinels at all.

Day 2 I played Wiess... I don't play Wiess. I'll collect, build and  play Symphogear given the finances and accessibility, but that's it for Wiess.

Casual Games I faced Chaos and Neo Nectar Maidens the night before, lost of those, an omen of what came later, on the day after the tournament I faced Kaiov twice, Narukami both times, Brawlers then Vanquisher. Yep, lost again.
And yet typically you walk away from defeat having learned something, in most of the cases though I can't say I identified the flaw or what went wrong, I can only place it down to not having an optimal deck (missing X-Caivou makes a big difference against bigger numbers) I'm not one for being salty when I know I was the weak link, if I'd been winning but the team loosing, then I might be angered, but as it is, just deflated after what is without doubt the most crushing defeat I've ever received. Evidently I have not adapted to the new format.

If the Round 3 opponent decks look familiar, then perhaps you know Zystral? If not well I'm going to give him a plug as I only recently realised he was a blogger myself, and only further recently realised that our paths crossed while in Cardiff. So I'm offering a plug becuase I can.