Sunday, 8 May 2016

Brave's Battles: Why did I do this? (April 23/24)

(This Post relates to the weekend of 23&24th of April, that was some time ago and my memory has degraded since then.)

I thought I'd left Yu-Gi-Oh behind, well maybe not completely as it would appear since today I played... Vylons vs Plants... Overgrown monstrous plants, considering I haven't "quit" 3 years ago when I picked up Vanguard and haven't played a deck in  12 months I was amazed I was somehow able to pull off a win, albeit my opponent was almost certainly holding back their deck's full pwer they still put me through the ropes with some gargantuan thing that got stronger the more occupied the board was. Although I bricked I was eventually able to come up with a combo that allowed me to get to Vylon Omega and from there I was able to recover and begin a push back even if It did require a slightly self destructing myself to stop a bad situation from going down south entirely. Unfortunately while I was able to recall certain interaction rulings that I was able to use to my advantage to push back and take control to eventually land a finishing blow with a piercing shot from a specially equipped Vylon Omega I can not remember the name of my opponent's cards but there was a lot of Level 8 Flower Princesses in there so anyone more active with the game still may know what it was I was facing.

The more amusing thing from this I guess is that since playing just that one game I've picked up Yu-Gi-Oh World Duel Carnival for Nintendo 3DS and I play on it couple of hours most nights before slumber.

Leaving the topic of Yu-Gi-Oh I'm moving on to Pokémon. 24th Young's Hobbies had an ORAS VG swiss tournament, or rather it was supposed to be. But only four people turned up, but four is better than three as four is the minimum required player count. I don't really play Pokemon beyond just playing the game and trying to complete the Pokédex (-event Pokémon as I'm told they don't count towards the rewards for "completion") so entering a local was a new experience. We played Round Robin due to just 4 players. I played with whatever I had loaded at the time, I don't metagame in Pokémon it's something I need to learn.
Level 50 Cap, Double Battle VGC rules ect.
I was expecting to come last, I did come last, but I managed to defeat one person in one 2/3 2-1, only for them to then 2-0 me in a rematch as an extra found cause we both finished 2/1(6 points) and apparently instead of following tiebreakers we played off again. This time with me loosing by a landslide.

And that day I made the same mistake several time, I lost count how many. Salamance and Primal Kyogre on my board. I try to use Flamethrower and of course it doesn't work. You'd have thought I'd have learnt after the first time or even remembered to not do it at all, but I still made that mistake at least 3 times, and more than that to. I believe that means I fulfil the condition of scrub. On the plus side the only way to go is up right?

(Now to write the rest of my Catch Up stuff)