Thursday, 26 May 2016

Brave's Battles: Geared Out

Last Night I played a 26 man championship circuit event at Global Gaming.
You know what I played before I even say it.
I went 2-3

Round 1
Vs Angel Feather Garvial with Celestials
WIN (1-0)
I denied the opponent damage ironically because kept firing at a broken heart he kept trying to protect, when he eventually could no longer shield it I had a full board, a Laurel, and a Daikaiser Leon (previously used Patriot to get GB2, Daiearth unused this game) and broke my was past, and from there it just continued to steam roll in my favour. I did think I was in trouble at one point because Morikawa hand happened, but that also turned out in my favour in the long run.

Round 2
Vs. Kagero Legend

WIN (2-0)
Managed to hold my own and never felt under much pressure from the match-up oddly enough. What won this match was going into X-Tiger when I realised my opponent had 4 cards in hand, all 10k shields, one Heal. I went in on that turn for game and hit  the opponent with X-Tiger twice, 3 critical both times thanks to a trigger on the initial swing, power was above 60000 so there was no chance of guarding. I focused fire power in this game on a Nehalem whenever one appeared and that is what I would say kept me in the running. Even then if I hadn't had a G-Guardian on the turn leading to the final moments to help deflect a 3 critical Nehalem this game would have gone the other way.
I did very nearly perform a fatal misplay early on but was able to catch it and the opponent did allow me to re-evaluate the board before finalising the play. The mistake, I forgot about an Early Nehalem because it hadn't done anything yet, but I changed targets to it, determined to remove it before damage could build up. Similar situation to Angels but for different reasons, their damage was kept lower than mine till I was ready to strike, and they were left struggling with counterblast management. A Conroe fixed that but they had to wait till they retrieved one before they could get back on the pressure.

Round 3
Vs Aqua Force Blue Wave

LOSS (2-1)
No matter what I did, Lambros was still going to go off, and I've never survived two turns of that. Although with how long the fight did manage to last for I think exposure to the sea caused servos to rust cause I lost to Nextage decks twice in a row after this. This was a skill intensive game that in the end came down trying my best to restrict the Navy's formations despite DP not really being ideal for it. Be that as it may, I tried, I made sure to target key combat enablers, the opponent was able to keep enough of these alive though and get a consistent enough stream of them from the deck that, I was ultimately unable to dodge Lammy going off. I hit point where I just had to fire the cannon, it missed and after that the steam had ran out. The tide consumed me.

Round 3
Vs Gear Chronicle Time Leap Nextage 1

LOSS (2-2, and out)
Opponent Player G-Assisted for a Grade 2, because of this I saw a chance so tried an early Luarel board to force them to drop their heal they were keeping hold of early, they PG'd instead, he then rides to Grade 3, I have to no guard as I overextended and get twin crit to the face, the plan B required I be able to stride on my Turn 3 but I didn't top deck a second Grade 3, he used the Heal for a G-Guardian against my Daikaiser attack, not much else to note as next turn he can achieve Nextage, I have to no guard suffering from having not being able to stride and the earlier overextension, and I get twin crit again. Given the crit fest I feel that even had I not overextended, I would have still been dead,

Round 4
Vs Gear Chronicle Time Leap Nextage 2

LOSS (2-3)
The second Nextage was again a case of I got critted early, I had first Grade 3 turn but was already at four damage due to poor defensive hand. I had the break ride and Shadow to hand so I went for Superior X-Ride, it helped me last longer but I never had a chance to build a proper board in this game and that meant reduced pressure. In the end I lost to a Nextage Turn but this time it was an exceedingly powerful Chronojet (2 personal crit abilities used) which landed the final blow just because I couldn't get enough guard with Glory in play.

Favourite Match: Vs Blue Wave. 
Worst Match: Nextage 1 (Welcome to Vanguard)

The Blue Wave player who defeated me made it to top 8 as the 6th seed, there they encountered pirates in the form of Seven Seas, and the walking dead sank his fleet.

The Top 8
Angel Feather Gavrail (not the deck I fought)

Dark Irregular Sullivan
Granblue Seven Seas
Burmda Triangle Leion DUOs
Gear Chronicle Time Leap Nextage 1
Aqua Force Blue Wave
Spike Brothers Rising Nova Charge
Link Joker Messiah

Messiah defeated GavrailSpikes Impaled Sullivan tearing right through the latter's darkness barrier. Seven Seas sank the Blue Wave fleet. Nextage was left seeing Double DUO.

After this Link Joker locked out Rising Nova and Seven Seas retired to the depths.
And so it was that the final would be Messiah vs Duos. The Idol's sang a swan song to the god, and thus put him to slumber.

Idols took to the stage in celebration, the mermaids had triumphed and that's one person who's going to Telford bypassing the first Elimination Round.

I was going to publish a post relative to Saturday's Game HQ event, but due to circumstances and a controversial conclusion it seems that to say anything about the specifics would be inadvisable. It was a mess I ended up getting involved in, in trying to help resolve the initial problem I actually made it worse, and that's all I'll leave it at for now.