Saturday, 23 April 2016

V-Reviews: G-Start Deck 02 Knights Of The Sun

The new Start Deck that released for the Gold Paladin clan is easy to use and while it's not a powerful pre-constructed deck, (that beast comes next week) the start deck is a good teaching utility for entering the game and a great improvement over the first Start Deck which to be fair was all common or easily acquired reprints but for one card exclusive to the deck.
In this instance the units as used in the Cardfight!! Vanguard G anime by Taiyou Asukawa bring with them new allies and units not seen since the original Cardfight!! Vanguard generation of the Limit Break days back in 2012. The new units in this deck bring with the the mechanic "Unite" which is active in any turn in which two or more units were called to your side of the board, this applies for both your and your opponent's turns as unite counts the Guardian Phase Guardian calls to, meaning the mechanic has synergy with the deck's main card "Sunrise Ray Knight, Gurguit", who can call a unit from among the top 4 cards of your deck to guard for you, this means the Unite Mechinic is both offensive and Defensive.

The deck itself gives 2 copies each of it's most useful cards so you'll probably need to buy two decks to get full play sets of cards you may want to carry over to a customised and completed deck with a trigger units, perfect guards, a decent boss card along with adequate pressure units to support it, and a card that will be staple in your final deck as you Stride to Victory. Dawning Knight, Gorboduc, a Grade 1 who can be treated as a Grade 3 when paying the cost of "Stride". He is already completed for his playset from just 1 deck but the other cards I mentioned will need the second, with two Start Decks still costing less than a Trial deck though it's plenty worth it.

Talking about Stride, the G-Unit included with this deck may not be flashy, but it's certainly a start to the G-Zone. It's ability puts itself upwards a stage and allows any lane built to hit for 19k reach 21k instead meaning your side lanes break into another stage of attack power vs most vanguards to. However it is not alone. A nice little surprise to find is that Bushiroad inserted a promotional reprint of a card called Scourge Point Dragon, a unit originally from Fighter's Collection 2015 with an ability to increase it's power along with a superior called units power by 5000, and this activates multiple times a turn for as many times as you are able to trigger it.

Outside of the deck there's support for Gold Paladin coming in May with Fighter's Collection 2016 which introduces G-Guardians to the G-Zone and brings with it a ruling change, increasing the current 8 Card limit of the G-Zone to 16 and the clan will also receive main booster support in June alongside my personal Favourite Clan, Dimension Police, in G-BT-07 Radiant Sword of Bravery. We have seen some leaks of Gold Paladin's Radiant Sword support but not enough to make a complete conclusion of how a post booster deck will work

For currently available improvements for the Gold Paladin Start Deck and for original prints of a few of the cards in this deck may be found in the booster G-BT-03 Sovereign Star Dragon, though you probably won't require much. You're mostly looking for Holy Mage, Pwyll, Gigantech Ringer and Golden Dragon, Spearcross Dragon, although the latter of which may become redundant for the deck based on what the Radiant Sword Stride support does.

Stand Up The Vanguard and Have Fun.