Monday, 18 April 2016

Brave's Battles: 16th April

I don't have a fancy title this time.

A weekend past and a local completed, although not one in which I fought, rather I war residing as judge. Only four people but it's a start and I know there's potential and interest, just have to capture it.

I think one thing that could have resulted in more attendees is adverts in the shop, not just relying on Facebook, because I've noticed many of those potentially interested don't actually have Facebook which is fair enough. There's many reasons why folks would not have a Facebook. I could name a few myself but it wouldn't really prove anything.

Clans in play were Granblue x2 (Nightrose), Kagero (Dauntless Nouvelle), and Shadow Paladin (Abyss Revengers), the latter of three winning the 4-way round robin undefeated. After that business was concluded I was able to then play for myself and that somehow ended up in a tag fight. Myself and my current "apprentice" if I had to use a word to describe the relationship we have as far as the game goes, vs my mentor's mentor and Brave Buddy Kaiser Overlord (who I can once again just call Kaiser as Team The Dragonic Empire are no more, who paired up with the winner of the local, who I haven't really got an Alias for so I'll settle with Abyss for now as that's their main deck.

I guess since nicknames are the thing around here, I'll call whom I'm currently mentoring Tyranecro since they play Tyranids in Warhammer and play dead themed decks in Magic and now Vanguard to.

So "Tyranecro" & "BVD" Vs "Kaiser" & "Abyss" that being the order of play, although obviously in way of 1A>2A>1B>2B, which meant Abyss had the first attacking turn and the target was me.
Abyss was playing MLB Thing Saver Royal Paladins, much of a surprise but damn is that deck powerful, even with the Thing Saver gambit removed from the picture due to two going into the Damage Zone early but the pushes from Religious Soul Saver and Blaster Blade + Critical Flogal maintained the pressure and kept my board low, but fortunately where I was lacking Tyranecro was able to push, meanwhile I allowed my board to remain functional on minimal resources while covering defence for my team mate against Nouvelle since while he couldn't guard with Grade 0, I could, he in turn covered my defence where I was lacking, it became quite the exercise for team work which quite frankly is a good thing. It's one of those fights that should have been recorded because I can't remember the in and outs of it, I can say that it was very close towards the end and pressure from the opposing tag force was high across the entirety of the match. Ultimately master and pupil were able to hold back the offensive long enough for Tyranecro to whittle their way through and land the LA.

I also faced Abyss one v one vs their namesake deck. A match that again can't remember the details of it but I needed all four of my Perfect Guards to survive, that said even with that my opponent could have had game if they'd stridden Spectral Blaster a second time instead of Phantom Diablo. I won it, can't remember how, but I won it.

I ended the day buying 3 packs of Transcendence and among them pulling Vortimier. Profit.
As the local in which I was lending out decks has passed I'm now beginning the downsizing process of my collection, I know what I'm definitely keeping but what goes, it's a long and painful list but it's got to be done so I guess I'm finally becoming active on the singles/trades market but not online.

I had Kaiser taking residence at my base over the duration of the weekend and while no games were recorded for Saturday, since we were at my place we did fight and record some games on Sunday but I figure I'll put that as the next post after seeing if I can get my videos to go up to Youtube without Vista dying part way through due to memory leak. Good job I can upload on one machine and use another for work so I know how I'm managing tomorrow.

Farewell for now.