Sunday, 13 March 2016

Brave's Battles: Playing without a clue.

Today's trip to my now main LGS, based much closer to home, I ended up playing Magic: The Gathering in a game of Commander, and a custom draft. I have extremely limited experience playing MTG but the draft was probably the most fun I've had with Magic thus far. Playing with people I don't even know but I was there and there were there and there was seven of them so I was invited to join them in drafting, why not? There's nothing wrong with trying new things.

I pulled my cards, made my choices, then dropped 20 of them and put in 20 Lands in the place of those cards with 4 copies of each land type, this was intentional due to the cards I had kept in the deck itself. I have no idea what I was doing in terms of synergy, I was looking at stand alone cards and deciding if they were good, and then filtered out the ones I deemed less useful after drafting was complete.

What I ended up with was...

21 Land
4x Mountain
4x Plains
4x Island
4x Forest
4x Swamp
1x Reflecting Pool

1 Conspiracy
1x Sentinel Dispatch

9 Creature
2x Pride Guardian
2x Liliana Specter
1x Wakestone Gargoyle
2x Vent Sentinel
1x Sky Spirit
1x Peace Strider

7 Sorcery
2x Extract from Darkness
2x Wrap in Flames
2x Assassinate
1x Stronghold Discipline

4 Instant
2x Respite
1x Valor Made Real
1x Plummet

1 Enancment
1x Fires of Yavimaya

I have no idea if this deck was even an ok build to settle on. I know one key rule for consistent decks is to keep to 2 mana types and I ignored that, but the deck that came from it was unpredictable for the opponents and very enjoyable to me, to use.

My set-up and opening play gave the impression of a focus that wasn't there but it gave my field the sense of being a threat, when my my <
Vent Sentinelwas KO'd whilst I held two other defenders on board I changed play style, going from defensive to agressive playing <Fires of Yavimaya> giving haste to a just summoned <Liliana Specter>. It was a forced action but was probably the smartest play I made in the game, other than another boyah moment that came from playing <Extract from Darkness> after all players boards were collectively nuked and this allowed me to also take a strong creature from an opponents graveyard. The pod was in uproar and hysterics as I got from it a 7/7 trample and had fully recovered my health back to where I'd started, this was partially helped by the same player of the pod who forced me to use <Extract from Darkness>.

Would I be able to go into this in any better detail? Nope. I only clearly remember those two highlights and it was a four way match so I wouldn't be able to keep track of who did what with what and when, especially when I don't know all that much about this game. Ultimately I still lost but I caused damage before going down and I'm pleased with that. :)

This makes two weekly posts without a mention of Vanguard in the main body of the post.
I'm not doing the Sneak Peak for this set, as much I'd like to, I can't afford to.
I will however drop a complaint here, Nubatama's upgrade costs went up and I'm not happy since I was having to slowly work on that due to lack of money, and now it's gotten even more unobtainable. :/