Monday, 15 February 2016

Brave's Battles: RAMPAGE!!!!!!

I can't stress how much I've been waiting for this set since it was confirmed, and it's also the reason I didn't get any Aqua Force clan booster boxes. Nubatama a deck that I was able to acquire last year along side Omega Glendios and I instantly loved it. While it took a while to become proficient with it was never not fun.

The sneak peak today was disappointingly empty. We only had 3 people turn up and needed a fourth person to be hired in just to meet the minimum player requirement to hold the sneak peak.

I had two casual games before the sneak peak itself I should probably mention, the first of which saw the use of Sanctuary Guard vs Blade Wings but this turned into a Grade 2 with us both being Gradestuck and unwilling to G-Assist, my decks very nature gave it the advantage in this scenario and I capitalized on that, my field remained full while Dark Irregular's was forcefully kept as empty as I could maintain. The second of these two games I debuted for the first time at HQ, Omega Glendios against the opponent I intended it to debut against the whole time, the local Link Joker clan master if such a position were to exist. He used Messiah which led to me being promptly crushed as I don't have Amnesty Messiah due to it's cost, even though I do acknowledge it to be a staple due to the high probability of facing a mirror match, especially should you attend a larger event, like the team league.

Of the three of us that entered for ourselves we all wanted the different clans from each other and it worked out since that meant after the sneak peak we could just split by the clans and that also worked out as the pulls from each clan were even, although I probably did walk away the largest benefits but that just makes it that much sweeter. Ultimately everyone walked away with a RRR and/or a GR and 2 or more other RR and above for their respective clans so from only a pool of 4 you can't get much better than that.

Being one pod of 4, the format was of course Round Robin.
I won this without striding in any of my games. My first opponent never got off Grade 0, my second rival was faced with Silence forcing a drop of potential boosters/attackers instead of the usual guard fodder, my third foe was driven to deck out but they did have me on the ropes. I was only able to recover and outlast them due to using a legion skill to recycle cards, even though I had no mate to seek.
So I left the sneak peak with all the Nubatama cards pulled, and the booster draft's mat.

For the draft deck I played with see the attached image. What ultimately won me each of my games was the ability to use Legion as a skill to drive me away from deck out and filtering back in my spent triggers. I notice I've improved at draft since picking up Hearthstone, which is a game in which your deck is 30 cards so maybe that limited deck count there with only max of 2 cards per deck provided me with some skills that I were able to carry over? I don't know but it's a possible thought.

After the sneak we headed from HQ to Global Gaming (Net Adventure) there I played a lad who was not local, they used Beast Deities, I fought them with both Glendios and Dimensional Robos in succession of each other, and won both times. I afterwards swapped back to Omega Glendios for a 2V1 facing off a mish-mash of old Narukami, and budget Messiah, knowing full well that in those given conditions Omega can only lose if you never ride Omega, otherwise completing the setup for World End is easy since Loop exists and thus in that game type it can't be beaten. I feel in hindsight that doing this was cheap and disrespectful to both my opponent's.

After this I was challenged again by both of the defeated double team, each wanting a one v one, first Narukami stood up, and was met with Sin Buster. Stride was never used throughout this game and even then Legion was only the killing blow, the opponent staying at Grade 2 yet me still being able to achieve pressure and advatage by sacrificing the full boost of Mist Ghost and using him on a solo Sin Buster to break 20000. This was done for two turns in a row.
Rounding off the day Nubatama, as yet unchanged from the shape it was in when I went into the city that morning, came out to play against the budget Messiah. The game was disappointing as Messiah became grade stuck but there was still the satisfaction of being able to jump on an opponent not being familiar with the deck they were faced with, the two factors combined meant they were doubly punished.

Generally fun, but then again I was winning most of the day, even if some of those victories were cheap comparative to others the aim was entertainment and today was certainly entertaining.
Daily stats
L1: 3-0
C0: 6-1 (or 7-1 depending how you count a 2V1 victory as the solo player)