Thursday, 14 January 2016

V-Talks: Separating V-News

I've been thinking about this for a while, and now have reached a conclusion.
Since Touya dropped off the radar and out of the community. Cardfight Pro was previously a central hub for information when it was active, Touya bought us the news of Vanguard and the Meta Game from Japan so that we could predict where this game would be headed on the English side. My blog itself is behind most people because I focus on the English game and of that cherry pick the bits I wish to pay attention to, but I realized there's something else I could do since I can switch between being of an opinion and being objective. This blog will remain active as normal, but when I woke up at 4AM in the morning to then be able to Watch Bushiroad's Presentation it clicked, and I decided that while I knew the reveals would be posted all over forums and social networks within moments of them happening, there I was watching the stream and taking screen shots wherever was appropriate. And I wasn't going to let all of that go to waste so I decided to make something out of it which has resulted in the first two articles on my new cardfight news blog, and while I'm at it I'll put up an article for the Fighter's Rule update even though everyone knows about that already. For each V-News I do, I will also do a V-Talks here where applicable to express my own personal opinions and predictions and what not, that way I can serve the community and give myself topics to talk about at the same time.

So let me use this post to make one thing clear.
I will be making efforts to cover the Vanguard News but I have no illusion of doing it for the greater benefit of the community, I'll be doing it for myself and my own benefit, and if it happens to prove useful to others also then that all the better, but by no means would that mean I'm an intentional pillar of the community, if that were to be the case that would just be a by-product of fulfilling my own agenda of doing what I want and what I feel like.

Anyways that aside, here's the link to the new page;

Ta Ta for now, and maybe one day I'll finally get round to posting a set review for Aqua Clan Booster because once you fall behind on your projects it's very hard to catch up.