Friday, 22 January 2016

V-Talks: EN rule or J Rule? It hardly matters now.

So it happened, people said it wouldn't other's said it would, I have SGD with Benon and now I have the last laugh.
Bye Bye Swordmy, return to you kin where you belong.
Ripple Odysseus as of Feb 1st will also be restricted to 2 copies a deck in each format.

While yes, it seems likely that this is just copying the Japanese list, with exception of Cat Butler because Raizer's barely see play (for) now so it's a non issue to Bushiroad.

There's a fair amount of joy but also a fair amount of salt, and I'm here to say the restrictions  in the grand scheme matter not.

Swordmy can hit 2 stages or 3 stages early game and remain 2 stages against most vanguards even without stride, but is a +1. Benon can only hit 2 stages against a 9K or less Vanguards but can also be turned into a +2 with aid of Richard or Miron, besides which, it's SGD, Regalie is the reason you run the deck and that mean weaker lanes aren't an issue, and even if they were, we can swing that lane at a rearguard instead.

Odysseus at two? Lessens consistency of early game explosions but doesn't make them hurt any less when it does show up and do things, just the ability to turn Tidal Assault into an 11k base for a turn is enough a reason to fear Odysseus. The later phase of Ripple's game plan is altered and slowed but not really weakened. If they have a full field they are going to hurt you, if they don't then their strides will provide the pressure instead, either way the deck is still very powerful and remains high up in the tiers still remaining near the top of Tier 1 if not at the top.

Sneak Peak is tomorrow which means people will start playing Chaos casually next week and be bringing it to locals the week after, and between it and Messiah's own upgrades, Link Joker is the clan I still fear facing the most. Despite running Dimensional Robos as my main with their All On The Vanguard gambit, I still find Link Joker can cripple me quite heavily, much more so than any other opponent, much more so than even being rushed.

And Talking of Robos brings me to talk about Japan. The Japanese Fighter's Rule has released Luarel's restrictions so he's back at four over there, I disagree with this, aside from the fact that I think running four is all well and good- until you ride one and get destroyed because of it, I also think Laurel needs to be restricted to a limit of 2 per deck and phased out progressively so Bushiroad can give DP full support without having to tip toe over a mine field. 

I AM going to locals tomorrow and there IS a Sneak Peak on, but I have yet to decide whether or not I really wish to participate, although currently the answer is more a no than a yes because I really don't want all that much. Pale Moon would be my main treasure search alongside Chaos, but I'm still playing catch up with my existing decks so looking to build anything from the new set seems like a bad idea at the moment unless I sell some of my current stock- but why would I want to do that? Ideally I wouldn't And I've got more than enough Transformers I can sell before I sell cards, and a lot of my older Transformers I no longer really use anyway. Which to be honest I may have to sell some of the old bots because I once again find myself in a situation where I need more money than I can save up.