Sunday, 24 January 2016

Brave's Battles: ONE PUNCH

Sneak Peak weekend! And I didn't enter....

Turns out I didn't need to, I got hired into it anyway.

Pulls were terrible for value, just as well I hadn't entered myself. But I pulled Fiery March Colossus and that card steam rolled anyone whom it was used against. Especially since there are no heals. Which I factored in when playing. My strategy was to guard early if possible and not allow damage to be taken until Grade 3, while at the same time pushing a rush offensive. This plan worked brilliantly with what I had available to use, making it so that striding Fiery March Colossus meant certain death.
All was going well till final round, where I failed a Time Leap, my own fault, this was followed by my foe giving me a twin crit to the face for game. But that last game was crazy so I'm happy with the result either way. That marked the end of the first Sneak Peak.

Yes, I said first which means we're not done yet because we repeated the process a second time, but while the first Sneak Peak had 8 participants with drafting done in 2 pools of four, the second sneak was only 4 people, yeah- attendance figures for this set are heavily down from the norm for a sneak where we typically have 12-14.

We cracked open another box and played Round Robin, and pulls were equally bad so this time we decided to ignore the draft and decide who'd win the play mat with our own decks.

Angel Feather, Great Nature and Aqua Force were my opponent's in that order.

Vs. Angel Feather: Rushed out the gate against a grade locked opponent, Grandseed also getting in on the fun in the front line. I managed to force the opponent up to 5 damage before they could even get to GB2 with Blizza. They'd tried killing my Rearguards but I replenished my board with Daiearth and matter were made worse by me having Commander Laurel ready to go. In a desperate bid to turn the tide my opponent played their final turn gambit much sooner than they would have liked to and despite them looping power and building huge columns I was able to walk away from this assault intact, thanks in part due to the huge hand Laurel and Gradseed had collaborative built for me.

I returned the favour in kind by going for the Break Ride in True Daikaiser and calling Grade 3 over Grade 3 and repeating that process until all G3 in my hand were in my Drop Zone. I then went into Legion and went all in, One Punch to decide it, a gamble I shouldn't have taken, but I scored the hit so all is well that ends well.

Vs. Great Nature

Had to first turn G-Assist, dropping a True Daikaiser and a Daidragon and removing X-Rogue and 1 Daiearth from my G-Deck. Opponent dealt a single damage the following turn, so can only assume they lacked an offensive hand at the the time. On my turn 2 I was still able to go for an extremely aggressive run after top decking another Daidragon which I addded to the one in my hand, I rode Daifighter and called both Daidragons hitting for 2 stages repetitively against the opponent's Grade 1 Vanguard.
They Rode Hamasuke in their Turn 2, which made matters worse when I rode Daikaiser and was able to hit that for 18000. The opponent rides their Break Ride but doesn't stride, I can't remember the details beyond this point at all, I mean its hazy up to this point because I didn't write notes at the time or have a Dictaphone or anything of the sort to log the match. I know I stride Daiearth without using ability, then used Leon the next turn, debuting my latest stride since I was at 3 damage, without a Dailion and, only had 1 open counterblast, the opponent over-guarded with a PG and a 1 to pass in standard guard, and I still got through. The finishing blow though came from a Second Daiearth when I'd used my own units to intercept attacks which helped towards guarding the opponent's Managarmr turn with a nearly full board, although a previous misplay in guarding with a Grade 0 when I realised afterwards I shouldn't have could have easily been my downfall here and it probably should have been. Either way I managed to survive while also limiting the amount of defence the opponent would have their next turn since I was able prevent their on-hit draws that they'd been stacking on a Capable Assistant, Guru Wolf. I stride into Daiearth to deploy a new front row, and I also gain crit this time, I rarely stride into Daiearth twice a game but when the situation calls for it, it's worth doing so. On this turn I'm able to win through sheer power and sack, my attacks swinging for 26, 21 w/2*, and a second 21 w/2*.

I should have fought Aqua Force, which would have been a Maelstrom deck but opponent had to zip off so that didn't happen and I just go the win meaning I completed Round Robin 3-0. :D

This evening I've gotten home and since I failed to get them from my local shop I've ordered Daibazooka off the internet, can't wait till it gets here, that card will help so much.