Sunday, 15 November 2015

V-Talks: drafts

You'd be suprised how much content I write in the spur of a moment and then decide for one reason or another to just not post it.

Well that's only part of why I'm writing this. It is now the early hours of November 15th as I begin typing.
To think it was just 24 hours ago France was the victim of a massive co-ordinated terror attack. We probably all had the same initial reaction of shock. 24 hours on and the clean up following that attack is on going. For those wounded I plead that you pull through and recover so that you may return to your families. For those who have lost souls peace be with you and those departed. It will take time for life to return to relative normality but scars will remain and things will never be able to return to as they were before the events of last night. For any who see this blog of the Vanguard community that went to France or were planning on making the trip. I repeat my prayers as above and hope you are all alive and well.

Those that went but are now complaining about wasted money or moaning about the regional being cancelled, money can always be recovered or built back up. And it's not worth risking human lives over a game. Lives that should anything bad happen- will be devastated, terminated, or scarred and changed forever. I stand with Bushiroad on their decision to cancel the regional. But beyond that and more importantly I stand with the Frence. As much as we British hate loosing to the French we are allies first and foremost and arch-rivals later. That attitude and that respect reaches all the way from the top to the common person.

I went out had a meet up with freinds today (yesterday) despite debating pulling out, for various reasons. But I'm glad I went, as ultimatly it was worth going, it was something needed to act as a reminder of what freinds mean, freinds that share an unspoken bond that won't be easily broken other than for an act of betrayal within the circle. Sure there was a sneak peak on that I was scheduled to enter as a hired gun, I didn't have my entry paid though so I didn't enter or carry out the pre-requested job. Which was fine with me. Did play some MtG 4 way EDH with convention buddies but didn't finish becuase we were interrupted just as we were getting to the good part of the game.
Meet up resuming later when I awake from my sleep. This time though I've got my travel arrangements prepared in advance.

Time now for slumber.
I'll look into the new sets cards this coning week to have something to put up for next week following it's official release. In this set very few of the cards intereast me. The lore is more interesting this time around. Alongside that we will be exploring the origins of the Shadow Paladin.

Another thing I'm currently working through is collating all the BWC data published by Bushiroad to write up a general season report.  (Not) Spoiler: there's a lot of shadows.

Singing off for now until there is actually something to post.