Sunday, 29 November 2015

Brave's Battles: One off

Today I've been to locals for what will be my last time this year. I was going to finish the year off with Dimension Police- having unlocked the ability to use them again while at Nats in October. However I felt Sanctuary Guard would perform better for me and I think I chose wisely. Even though rankings are not affected currently.

Game 1: Vs Kagero - Perdition (Handler: T*m)

Favourite game of the day, spent most of it on the back foot due to being twin critted as soon as the opponent rode Grade 3. 3 of my heals were drawn by means of regular draw or Richard via my newest addition to the deck, Sage of Salvation, Benon.
I was able to make up the difference thanks to having lost the dice roll and getting the second move. Which also allowed me to turn my weak defensive hand into a strong counter offence. I was forced to ride Guarantee and dropped two cards to stride Gablade, opponent needing counterblast took the hit, I called a Benon having intercepted the last one and got out another Richard. Soul Blast what had been my Grade 2 Vanguard, (Knight of Twin Sword) and drew. My third heal.

Giving up on any realistic probability of heal chances I defended myself as if my life depended on it. Opponent goes through two legions of Dragonic Overlord, The Great and board wipes me both times. The second legion I had to no guard, sitting on four damage I needed to the opponent to not score a crit, of which there had a fair few in the deck. Fortunately they failed, and I was able to take one of the side lanes and guard the other. Final Turn I drew a Grade 3, stride Regalie, call the last two cards in my hand, both Grade 0 and lay it on the line. I can't remember the final drive but I know I managed to steal the win. Very close game, very enjoyable.

Result: Win

Game 2: Vs Angel Feather G (Fox)

No matter how you look at it, this game was decided by G-Assist. Fox needed to G-Assist for a Grade 1. Once at Grade 3 fox was being pounded by Regalie and friends but was using the abilities of angels to endure and keep the game going but resources were spread thin and trouble units were removed to make defence easier. That said Fox still managed to make 1-2 big turns with the stand trigger. Gavrail I will say is a pain to deal with, but that stand trigger and the Pegasus disgusting. If it hadn't been for Fox's failed early game the result would have been different. Angel Feather aren't the hospital of Cray any more, now they've become the hostel.

This was also Fox's only defeat of the day.

Result: Win

Game 3: Vs Neo Nectar - Musketeers (Kaiser Overlord (KO))
Played against a grade 2 game, but KO was sitting on a 7k Vanguard and I was able to take advantage of that and push KO to the brink, he was in a position of needing to G-Assist but not having an opportunity to do so due to consistently hitting Stand Triggers and successfully playing the abrasion game. Despite the shortcomings of his situation KO held on to consistent lanes and pressure, dealing me almost as much damage as he was taking.

I was calling Grade 3 rears since I was in the Grade 2 game and used Limit Break to bail me out of a sticky spot despite having run out of Limit Enablers to call, running only 2 in deck and having one in soul from riding, the other in damage. The Grade 2 game was broken when KO got a Vera, this telling me he'd been legitimately grade stuck and wasn't using stall to keep Regalie away. With the push from Vera I was forced into using 2 perfect guards for that turn but survived the turn to end up with a response from Regalie making a Guarantee pun having top decks said unit to enable the stride.

Result: Win

Game 4: Vs Royal Paladin - Jewel Knights (Handler: T***r)
Final round with both of us at 3-0. One shall stand, one shall fall. It was a very close game, and was ultimately decided by trigger choice, my trigger line-up for SGD was 10 Stand 2 Crit, opponent was presumably 10 crit 2 draw. The game was at a stage where I needed the crit to win, didn't have it instead checking one of my many stands however the opponent then blocked the following two attacks. Inversely I needed the opponent to NOT to check a crit in their following turn, which they scored, and that's what made the difference. Luck & Logic. Logic being the trigger choices, luck being the checking of them.

Result: Loss

Final Score: 3-1
Rank: 2nd

Deck Breakdown of all decks that were on show today.

4 Royals (1 Altmile, 1 Sanctuary Guard, 1 Seeker, 1 Jewel Knight)
1 Great Nature (Big Belly)
1 Angel Feather (Black Angels)
1 Kagero (Perditions)
1 Neo Nectar (Musketeers)
1 Gear Chronicle 
1 Link Joker (Deletors)

I think I've got the winning Jewel Knight deck listed down correctly on my phone, but I did it from memory after leaving the shop and anyone who reads this has probably read some of my other content, in which case the reliability of my memory is known.

It's not highly credible.

Anyhow, Chao!