Saturday, 17 October 2015

V-Talks: Season End and 2016 draft plans.

Off topic picture since this post won't have a focus either but I found it amusingly true of a joke.
This is just going to be a personal discussion about nothing in particular I have one topical focus but I'm just going to let the words flow as they come.

With the UK regional over, or rather for us that would be nationals, I'd now consider myself off season until next year, I mean sure there's still sets being released monthly and pre-release events taking part with these, locals will continue to be  weekly thing yet I'll be sitting out, I could go to Escape but honestly prefer Birmingham, particularly because of the city itself having more to offer other than just a local card shop. The issue with that is travel in and out of the city from now up until the break of new year becomes increasingly difficult the closer it gets to Christmas.

I confess I've not been as active in locals as I should have been this year and I think that reflects in my results the few times I do go to locals but I doubt going to locals more frequently would have changed my nats results either, some of our best players are frequently absent from locals.

Touken Ranbu, coming out at the end of this month, next week I believe now I think about it, the April Fools in which the stroke of genius was that it wasn't an April Fools at all when we all believed it was, I guess the joke was on us. There was a time I held interest in the set, but that has long since faded, not helped by not being able to work out how to play the deck(s). The support seems to be all over the place and attempting to do several different things all at once, versatile like Shadow Paladin but lacking somehow- falling over itself instead of being able to have these various styles mix together fluidly, that may just me, I'll ask about to see if I can get a volunteer who has a better experience with them to contribute their insight. The one thing I can be certain of is that the clan is built to rush.

There's also Vanguard vs. Deletor, a set that if I can get some boxes after Christmas,  I will. I can use both side of that set, but I won't be entering its sneak peak for myself, something I will probably later regret when it comes to trying to get copies of the sneak peak promo for myself, no- rather at the moment it's more likely I'll enter the VvD sneak, but as a hired gun for Shadaster (Shadow Disaster)
Other than that the I need to go back and fill in the gaps of the G-TD's I haven't as of yet got, 2 Aqua, 1 Messiah, and once they release 2 each of the new GC TD, despite having 4 of the first, and 2 Pale Moon. And yet still not going out to get out much... I'll order the stuff I'm missing from Chaos, take advantage of my member account.
So what does this mean in brief:
I'm remaining a seclude, continuing bad spending habits, and still got priorities in the wrong order as somewhere along the line I need to get a job, then the fun can truly begin.
For now I'll be posting as and when I feel like it for now and if there's something to say, COTW is on hiatus for the time being as next few sets, as with Soul Strike, will probably be done in the form of set overviews until a time as such I return to being busy and needing to revert back to smaller posts but more frequent as a result of that format.

Once back in season next year, I'm hoping to be capable of locals more frequently since I won't need to be saving up for conventions, other than maybe Play Expo- assuming Nationals will continue to remain an event within the exhibition next year.

The decks I'll use next Season are most likely going to differ from my choices from this year.
My main loyalty will remain within Star Gate, and I'll therefore play all of its clans, which of them I'll use as my main for next season currently hinges on Chaos Universe and other forthcoming Star-vader support, as while Dimension Police was under forfeit,  I found myself most comfortable and satisfied with Link Joker.
Other than Star Gate in which I'll use all the clans in varied order of preference I will also do as I have done this year, although I never explicitly stated I was doing so; I will also select and use one reserve clan from each of the other nations, for the clan that I choose I will either build anew or continue to update my existing library and builds.

Zoo will remain Megacolony as it was this year. As much as I have a phobia of bugs, and especially of arachnids, I'm fine with images and art, however I'm especially fond of mechanical insects so Machining will remain in play, Darkface becoming a tertiary that will probably be mostly used in shadow play testing unless I suddenly need a G-Regulation deck for whatever reason.

Dragon Empire, hopefully Tachikaze will bring enough Zoids for my appetite otherwise I'll play Nubatama as I have a good feeling about their upcoming support that is as of yet unseen but I've just got a gut feeling, Dungaree getting a stride might just be enough though to save Narukami from loosing it's spot as my selected reserve hailing from the Empire.

Dark Zone reserve deck for this season was a role served by Gear Chronicle, but with Pale Moon getting ready for a second showing, I may return to the circle of performers and assassins for 2016. I previously played Silver Thorn in 2014 having traded a Tachikaze Raptor/Rex build for Pale Moon sometime before BT12, and then I pulled Silver Thorn Dragon Empress, Liquier "Reverse" and that decided which direction I'd then take the build in, the irony of that outcome is that it meant that had I kept Tachikaze I'd have probably still built Silver Thorn either way. Which in turn make me lament parting with Tachikaze but what happens in the past you can not change, it's also why I don't easily part with cards as I ultimately end up wanting to back to them at some point.

Magallanica reserve deck is highly unlikely to change from Aqua Force, that's just going to become a case of which build to go for, or maybe it'll even be multiple builds. Bermuda will never sway me with it's art, even if I am forced to acknowledge the power the idols possess, and the effectiveness of their play style, Granblue I don't have much faith in, I'm not going to claim they are weak, the pirates even went through a phase of consistently topping the weekly locals, make of that what you will...
But I'd rather have a storm of attacks over a necromancy deck, which is what Granblue effectively is.
Edit: That Blue Wave support has now cemented this decision, and since Aqua Force upgrades will be in the form of a clan booster, I'll be buying boxes for days, screw getting singles when I can have a box and be sure that I'll find a use for everything pulled in at least one build.

United Sanctuary is the hardest nation do decide which of it's clans will act as my reserve deck for that Nation, ironically it's actually easier to know what I certainly WON'T be using. Angel Feather is out immediately due to my phobia and hospitals and needles, even in art. Shadow Paladin are out due to being generally too expensive for me to support viably while remaining within my budget per deck, Royal Paladin is grey for this very same reason. Heck, my Sanctuary Guard Dragon that I've used since Rise to Royalty came out still has a full deck built around him, he's served well since before legion era due to sheer power, and with support has only got better with age, the draw back is Royal Paladin gets a lot of attention making investment in the clan potentially costly.
My current deck is inefficient on counter blast because Swordmy is too costly of a card for me to justify buying, however Regalie does an efficient enough job carrying the deck even without the cat that sheer power and number of attacks are often being enough to destroy opponent's before I have to worry about counterblast, this in turn allowing for more than one possible optimal set up.
Gold Paladin I have a reason to stick with for next year but I need to build a deck with me owning all the parts first. Kinda hoping if Spectral Duke gets support it's not confirmed till after I've got all my ride chain pieces and direct black cavalry support, this means I'll have to act sooner than later though as if it happens it will most likely be in Fighter's Collection W'15. Genesis while enjoyable I can't see myself using for anything other than testing in shadow play, despite the fact that I can see myself upgrading to complete the deck build currently being worked on. Oracle Think Tank's drawing will only get so far without Silent Tom to finish the job. Maybe the'll get lucky and Susanoo's Stride form will give the deck some pressure outside of Tom.
With all the above in mind, for now my US reserve will remain Sanctuary Guard with potential I will change this decision to Spectral Duke depending on how things turn out.
With that, that's my Vanguard plans laid out.

Moving onto other games; Wiess, I've found out the booster pack prices so NO WAY am I playing that game full time so I'll just do the best I can with Love Live! Wonderful RushBuddyfight I still wish to build Brave Machines, and if they are relegated from being top of meta the game that will ironically prove favourable for me as I have my own reasons for wanting to build that archetype aside from wanting to win. For now I'm just working on building whatever Hero World deck I can muster and improve it box by box of Shadow vs. Hero until the supply runs dry, at which point I'm stuck as the secondary market as a whole is dry for Buddyfight in the UK. A new comer that entered the English market this year and I wish to investigate for myself- Force Of Will. I know next to nothing of the game currently but it's caught my attention so that's all I need to know for now. Japanese language gameplay I'll be picking up a game called Unlimited Vs to play Hyper Dimensional Neputuna, which is a set that caught my eye on Chimera's stall at Play Expo during Nationals.
Lastly, don't think I forgot about Magic the Gathering, currently I use a mono-white rush deck built and owned by my brother, I will be switching this for a deck of my own build but when I'll finally get around to doing this I do not know, even once it's complete I'll be sticking to casual play as I don't wish to pursue Magic competitively, cause that game will get expensive and FAST if I go in that direction.

I think that covers everything for now. Of course these are for the most part draft plans and are thus set to change based on how realistically obtainable and maintainable these goals are relative to real world situations.

Now I'm done with practising for Nationals and Off-Season completely, I'll get round to updating V-Decks with every missing entry. For now though, farewell and so long.

This is V-Decker, signing off for now.