Monday, 5 October 2015

V-Rant: Persona RRR and now GR?!

Ok, Bushiroad, we get it, you're a company that needs to make money. But now you're trying too hard. And It turns out Aurageyser Doomed and Crono Dragon Nextage were just the tip of what may become a common trend. And I for one, don't like it.

Persona RRR is one thing that I still honestly believe shouldn't be a thing other than for the best of the best. I've seen the prices on the singles market for RRR's be up from the average they were Pre-G, I remember when I could get a decent RRR boss for just £10, now due to persona copies you need more copies which means more boxes and cases must be cracked which also drives up the price of each RRR to an average minimum of £15 if it's a stride. Sure Main decks now a cheap in comparison but the G-Deck? You're looking at £35 atop the main deck cost to build G-Deck, if your deck only needs 2 of it's persona. BUT most decks run those aces at 4 so you're more realistically looking at £50 for a play set of £60 bought individually. And if the G-Deck cards are really good, hard to pull, or just generally desirable, good luck. You're looking at £25-35 per copy depending on how recent and how much of a 4-of staple it really is. That's £100 the G-Zone for only 4 cards.

Then there's Generation Rares. Cards of this rarity are exclusively this rarity.
Supply and Demand be damned- there's only so much I can accept as being within reasonable boundaries. I'm not going to say the player base is at fault here. Bushiroad is at fault as while they don't control the secondary market, their current card design structure does greatly affect it. Persona should be reserved for the best of the best but within reason. For example Persona in my eyes should be used as a way to balance for placing stronger abilities on a lower level rarity or simply reserved for the best of the best.

Persona on Diablo for example, makes sense, it's strong and easily obtainable.
Perosna on Lambros, he's the best stride Aqua Force will probably ever get so fair dues. Persona Spear Cross? Already CB2? While it helps with his own ability I don't think it should have been the cost, but rather flip any G Unit.

Aurageyser Damned is a GR sure, but that flips a RRR- however, is it worth it as part of the cost considering all other parts of the cost? In my opinion no. Nextage is a GR persona flip to re-stand on Chrono Jet is this ability worthy of the restriction, yes, but as a GR it's hard enough to pull already so then I have to say no. Amnesty is a GR, and now we have Excelics. As soon as we knew it needed Amnesty as part of the cost, low and behold Amnesty shot up. However, both these cards are GR at 2 copies per case in their respective sets. Should one GR tell you you need to run at least two copies of another GR just to use it? Hell no! That's crossing the line.

Generation Rares when they were 1-2 copies needed a deck, this would have been ok, even with 2 types per case (Meaning 2 each of each type in a case) but then we had Nextage whom you need to have as a staple 4 of to achieve the Most Effective Tactic Available (META) deck in Gear Chronicle. to make matters worse he's a persona flip so you need 2 copies just to use him once. I know I'm going over the last paragraph again here but bear with me. How much does this guy cost as a single? £36 PER COPY?! Well guess what, even that's wrong because that ****er is out of stock in dealers so we use the US price as reference and slap a £sign in front. So try £50. I can get boxes for anything between 55-65, I'd never spend £50 on a card and can't understand anyone who would. Thing is, if Excelics is a prelude to Bushiroad's treatment towards Generation Rares we're going to see a lot of players quitting simply because of the prices of the secondary market.

I myself own multiple decks but most of those are without complete G-Decks because even just the RRR's cost more than they should and not many decks can function well in today's meta without an optimal G-Deck simply because how much more powerful G Units have become compared to G-BT-01. Stride had the potential to rebalance the game, however due to the power of abilities given to certain G-Units the power imbalance is destabilised worse than it's ever been. Legion did wrong by only supporting a few clans, but it wouldn't have broken the game had all clans eventually gotten their support. Stride itself shouldn't break the game either, it's not about mechanics, but rather abilities that are becoming ever the more ridiculous. Slap that on top of how Bushiroad is treating the RRR's and GR's nowadays (a treatment which looks like it'll continue into next season) then how long till £25 RRR and £50 become considered the norm?

Bushiroad wish to promote their games as being casual, however there is NOTHING casual about their G-Era business model. The game has hit a point where is you wish to play seriously, then you need to have a significant amount of money to put on the table, for casual players looking to get into the game the only advice I can give them is to pick up a Legend Deck and try and get a few Aurageyser but even he sits at £30*, so the'll still looking at a £80 entry fee to have a "complete" viable deck.
(*Not that I can find any, on plus side Doomed is surprisingly cheap for a GR.)

Now I've ranted about the prices so that's off my chest but now I do actually have to come back to being on the topic of Supply and Demand Why are the higher ratify cards designed as they are? Simply so that more boxes must be opened to meet demand due to needed duplicates of a card just to use it. As such, with the price of most RRR's being driven up on the singles market due to this design, if you're after a higher rarity card, sure same advice as ever don't try packs, but surely it means we've reached a point where you can either go and buy a single, or bet on a box and if you fail on the box, make the value back on all the RR and above alone? This in turn creating a cycle within the secondary market that is more stable than it's ever been IF people are willing to bet on it?

Additionally since I'm on this topic and talking about the secondary market.

Reprints. Bushiroad has made it quite clear by this point that reprints isn't something they are overly interested in doing, in the 4 years of the game there's very few cards that have been reprinted, but this leads to massive inflation when older, out-of-print cards do get support, inflation that is frankly out of control, furthermore this is an ideal opportunity for Bushiroad, Kidani seems to have this ideal vision of players choosing one clan and sticking to it, this meaning they'll keep everything they have related to that clan, but that's not how people work, people play what wins and so cards and clans change hands constantly. Newer players are even further screwed over by the lack of reprints as they may latch onto a clan and still be scuppered due to not being able to build the one deck of that clan they wish to build, new player looking into DP? Cosmic Heroes are your only option bud, but Metalborgs are better. Great Nature? Well atleast they have a decent G deck. Same with Aqua Force, only problem for a new player there is Lambros. Kagero? Blademaster is ehhh decent? Shadow Paladin you can run Diablo Claret- but it won't hold a candle to Revengers. Link Joker have Messiah, but Omega is generally the better deck. (ironically countered by the newer Messiah deck)
Point is, it's not G decks that win currently, it's legacy decks with G support and this means that new players looking to get into the game have to deal with the inflation caused by lack of reprints.

In regards to the Persona Blasts, Bushiroad should create another level of stride using the RR rarity and have these be Persona oriented leaving most of the RRR's as being able to go off without needing another copy of themselves.

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