Thursday, 1 October 2015

Road to Regionals: 1 week to go - one last bet

I got a machine up and running that can just about run CFA, that makes practice easier atleast. I can play against more decks and people of varying abilities that are both better, and weaker than me and my own ability or my equal. Don't know how long this temporary place holder will last before it burns out but so long as it lasts till after nats it's done it's job.

After Nats have passed my season is over so I'll spend some time working on Towa to get him functioning again, blog will probably be going inactive while I'm on hiatus. It's not really possible for me to get to my locals of choice in the build up to Christmas and the New Year so I'm not going to be out in the field again after nats until after the turn of the new year.

So it'll come down to this. . . I was going to use Royal Paladin, then shifted to Nova Grappler, but now I realise I only really have one option I can take. I won't reveal my secret weapon yet but it can be found online if you know where to look. I'm taking Gold Paladin Liberators to nats, but not how you'd expect. Just need to master the weapon I'm using. Opening at the close, Requiem will wake. Nats will be my one shot to overcome the forfiet on Dimension Police before the end of the year. And to do that I need to top 64 in nats so no less than x-2 will do. If I go x-3 I'll fail to unlock the forfeit on my clan and that means no more DP until they next get support, whenever that'll be. Even then I'll only be able to use that new support.