Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Brave's Battles: UK BCW2015 Day 1 - Stand Up!

Its time!

Clan: Gold Paladin
Venue: Event City, Manchester
Seating capacity: 480 approx.
Number of competitors: 447
Objective: finish in the top third of the rankings
Threshold: 146

Deck : Requiem Incompete


1x Genius Liberator, Waltimell
4x Great Wish Liberator, Esus (CRIT)
4x Liberator of Hope, Epona (CRIT)
4x Steel Blade Liberator, Alwilla (CRIT)
4x Strike Liberator (CRIT)
4x Butterfly Liberator, Korderia
3x Future Liberator, Llew
4x Invitation Liberator, Rud
4x Knight of Morning Shadow, Kimarcus
4x Little Liberator, Marron
2x Physical Force Liberator, Zorron
4x Pomerugal Liberator
4x Starry Skies Liberator, Guinevere
4x Sword Formation Liberator, Igraine
2x Absolution Lion King, Mithril Ezel
2x Fast Chase Golden Knight, Campbell
2x Miracle Element, Atmos
1x Rain Element, Madew
1x Snow Element, Blizza

This is the list I had going into the event, it's an incomplete form of Gold Experience Requiem* (which was my intended "secret weapon") but I was confident enough to push ahead with the deck as it was.

My objectives were clear, using Gold Paladin I must make the top third ranking here in order to complete the forfeit conditions set fourth by Kaiov to regain the ability to play Dimension Poice. With objectives set and weapons (decks) loaded, it was time to Stand Up the Vanguard to the challenge and let the wars begin!...
Round 1- vs. Gold Paladin G
Lost (0-1)
I guess this was a fitting first paring, considering I'd had the option to enter with Gold Paladin's G-Deck myself, but turned it down in favour of fighting my own trials head on my own way. I'd had little budget to spend on my own build so went with what I could and chose to stick to it despite a second chance to use the G-Deck as it was presented to me by Brave Buddy, Kaiov at the last moment, once again I refused. During this match I was unable to make the 16k lanes needed to pressure opponent and therefore my rush ultimately collapsed, I didn't go down without a fight mind you however even with (essentially) 8 QW's, without having Twin Drive I was only going to last so long, the opponent took out my front line and I was too busy trying to survive to recover the field, unable to push the attack or hold up the defence. GER met requiem itself.

Round 2 vs. Dimension Police, Dimensional Robos

Won (1-1)
Felt bad for the win due to a mid game interruption by a judge which killed the otherwise enjoyable mood of the fight and led to mistakes I should have been penalised for but got away with.

First match was one of irony, this second match even more so, if I was going to meet my target I was going to have to defeat my own clan to do it, fortunately for me I know an awful lot when it comes to Dimension Police and how to play with and against them, it also helped that the opponent was a younger player unfamiliar with G1 rush decks as a concept and had never come across one in person and so never clocked what my deck was. They played, riding up normally, while I was hitting hard, once they were Grade 3, I'd managed to make my columns and keep the pressure going- the bad news is though that I also made misplays and infringements which I partially blame on judge interjection when it was not requested to inspect card sleeves. He ruled opponent's sleeves (Ultra Pro Normal size, Yellow) unsuitable and that they must be changed before next round. Judge overheard me saying that was uncalled for and decided to perform inspection on my own sleeves. Moral of the story: Judges are bullies. (That's a joke, most of the judges were cool, there was just one who was somewhat less than sour.)

If we hadn't had that interruption though I would have probably not made the infringing move I did, what I did exactly was twin drive when, of course, in my deck that's not possible, I realised what I'd done and I know I should have received a loss of game right there and then, but I think the opponent was too shaken up by the judges previous interruption to want to call another one over so let me correct the mistake by putting the second checked card randomly into the deck. If I made this error vs any other opponent I doubt I'd have been let off so easily.

I also lent out a dice at the beginning of this round and forgot to have it back so ended up loosing it.

Round 3: vs. Narukami Brawlers
Win (2-1)
I got to go second this time, having used Rock Paper Scissors to decide turn order.

The opponent was grade stuck at Grade 0 and failed with G-Assist giving me an easy rush opportunity, I made my lanes leading with Little Liberator, Marron in the front Rs, opponent failed to build their own field after being placed on an early back-foot so was unable to counter rush. Once he had succeeded with G-Assist, on the second attempt for a Grade 1 and then eventually rode up to Grade 2, I started to perform G-Assist myself to make it seem I like I needed to catch up. This revealed the 3 Quintets in my hand at the time but I wasn't too concerned by that fact, of course I failed with the G-Assist, but the ruse was enough. Where my opponent went wrong was in not capitalising on the knowledge they had to take out my Rearguards, instead they maintained focused fire on my Vanguard. This mistake allowed me to keep my 2 stage lanes and accompanying pressure to win the game. A player in the neighbouring match caught on to the nature of the deck which would have given me away, I played ignorant and it seemed to have worked in closing their superstition- for now.

Round 4: vs. Genesis Witches
Loss (2-2)
Rush failed, opponent hit ALL the defensive Draw Triggers- which put them way out of GER's kill range. It was not possible to win this bout.

Round 5: vs. Spike Brothers

Win (3-2)
Very fast game, very intense, favourite match of the day so far. Didn't manage to build my lanes, but I moved second and opponent got stuck a G0 so my rush looked normal, as with vs. Brawlers I attempted G-Assist once the opponent found their footing to avoid suspicion. When they G-Assisted they dropped BED as part of the cost, their other grade 3 (aside from Juggernaught Maximum) was General Siefried, which they rode, while I made a misplay which put me on 3 damage I could have avoided, it was only thanks to them riding a 10k Grade 3 that I was still able to hit 2 stages and push the game, even if a final Heal did mean I needed to do it not once, but twice.

Round 6: vs. n/a
Win (4-2)
Opponent didn't show.

Round 7: vs. Bermuda Triangle, PRISIM
Win (5-2)
Slow start and didn't really get off the rush, made use of G-Assist to confuse my opponent, they could have had game but went for 1 pass on 4 damage, I didn't have full power and they could have no passed. I happened to sack and without them healing, that was game. Shouldn't have been able to win it like that, but then again the opponent should have guarded more. What happened happened and a win in a win.

Round 8: vs. Gear Chronicle
Loss (5-3)
Not a deck I would have expected to lose to, this loss also ended any slim remaining hope of creeping into the top 8, further more I can even pinpoint the very moment that decided the game, Steam Knight, Kalibum clocking my Vanguard booster, a Future Liberator, Llew and turning it into a 5000 base vanilla Trigger, shutting down any threat I would have otherwise posed.

It was a simple play the opponent but the impact it had was devastating towards my gambit.

Round 9: vs. Royal Paladin, Sanctuary Guard and Altmile
Loss (5-4)
Budget deck using Guarantee, I presume the opponent was unable to get SGD itself. My loss here is completely my own fault, I over extended and burnt myself out too quickly, this fatal mistake leaving me vulnerable. No excuses here, I just screwed up.

Final Rank: 123 (5-4)
-Objective Complete-

Closing Notes:
I will confess, I never expected to do as well as I did considering I never completed GER. But now I've got experience with the deck in an actual scenario and know what I'll keep, and what I'll change.

I did equal or better than most of my fellow brummy's despite not having anywhere near as expensive or valuable a deck. I think- all things considered I've proven the point I eet out to make and I certainly made an impression. Everyone was cool, except the one kid from Round 2 but that's understandable.

Having ranked above the threshold I had to aim for I've also liberated Dimension Police from forfeit so justice is back in business! I look forward to being able to once more light ablaze the passionate flames of righteous fighting spirit.

I'm going to be back with justice, and next time- using my own clan, I'll be able to perform at my best of my ability.

BWC is a two day event, and I didn't just go up for Vanguard so that means there's still one more day to go, I'll tell you how I did with that on Thursday, but here's the short of it, I played Buddyfight and lost... horribly.

*Gold Experience Requiem is the name of a "stand" from the anime series, JoJo's Bizarre Adventure. The Vanguard web forum V*Mundi, names many decks after stands from this series, GER included.