Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Road to Regionals: 4 Weeks to go, finances

Cost of accommodation: £50 (per person)
Cost of train fare: £23.90 (per person)
Cost of consumables: £25.60
Cost of taxis/local transport: £20 (per person)
Cost of Bermuda promos and binder: £20
Total cost to attend BWC regional: £139.50 (per person approximately)
Total cost to group therefore approximately: £560, most likely more.
Remaining Expo Budget: n/a

And I plan to do this with no money how? I do have reserves. But using that means sales must be made to replenish the reserve pot. I'm also after a deck from a departing acquaintance/friend but I must buy that out of my own means. The reserve pot is not authorized for funding purchases of items not required for this trip. And all this following Point Omega which requires me to spend money to build Gold Paladin just to complete the forfeit and regain use of Dimension Police. At this rate I'll have to just sell the gear I have for the clan to cover further increasing costs. First to go from the clan if anything will be Metalborg but I'm extremely hesitant. Toys which take up space but aren't used are in the firing line first.

As for game play preparations. I used Sanctuary Guard in a local Saturday and failed abysmally. Coming 7th/7 with a score of 1-3.
4 games and losses came right from the gate. My first round and first defeat went to Gear Chronicle with me being grade stuck all game, without an ideal hand to toss cards for G-Assist, till it was too late to push back. One of incidents you just have to put up with in a B/1 format.

Second round was against Messiah commanded by Brave Buddy, LJA Darkness. Legally he'd won before we even stood our Vanguards since I wasn't at the table within 5 mins of pairing declaration and round start, the joys of multitasking and being bad at it. Nevertheless we still played out the game and while I hit hard, LJA retaliated harder by locking my front and ceasing my advances, using Judgement, followed by Nebula Crunch, and repeating this a second time to keep me locked down for 5, maybe 6 turns, suppressing my offense and gaining advantage before finalizing the result with me worn thin and Amnesty hitting while huge with crit. I was outplayed,  plain and simple, my deck functioned but I failed it, I tunnel visioned, misplaying by failing to account for the specific match up.
Round 3 was triumphant against G-Royals. Opposing player calling triggers instead of holding them for defense no doubt helped towards their own downfall when combining with the raw aggression of Sanctuary Guard. I can't say that it was a game I won because my opponent really defeated themselves through their actions. But a win is a win as far as record is concerned.

Final fight was against Eradicators Sweep Command & Descendant with G support. I took some early hits and allowed the opponent to Superior Ride, no problem.  The problem was the rearguards and their persistent threat, remove one and it's replaced by another just as bad. Narukami has strong support for it'd bosses and I was board wiped twice, the first I could come back from, the second not so much, the game nearly drove me to deck out, which made me realize why Thing Saver is the popular choice for supporting Grade 3/Alternative Win Con. But alas I will never obtain the saver.


In other news I woke up this morning to read a statement from Bushiroad CEO Kidani himself informing us of price increase on products across all English releases for each of their games as of October 1st, joy oh joy, so that puts up price of sneak preview booster drafts and product with a knock on effect of driving up the rate on the secondary singles market which in my experience points towards an imminent market crash as several players are forced to downsize and consolidate their efforts on just one or two clans, or quit entirety. As for the exact impact I'm predicting a 20% increase on the RRP across the board.
This move will severely impact low budget and casual players alike and especially hurt collectors who go for completion. For those profiting off the second hand market however, a blanket increase on the expected flat value of stock is a good thing. So the communities Robbie Kohl's will probably be the ones to benefit the most from any forthcoming events that will unfold. If there's a temporary crash the scalpers can hit and hoard to then resell after the calamity, controlling the flow of the market and therefore the value of their stock.
Ultimately the increase in price is due to higher printing production costs to meet ever increasing demand, however this same action may drive a portion of the audience away. A catch 22 and no doubt will double as a decisive moment that will test the longevity of Vanguard and Bushiroad's other games.