Saturday, 19 September 2015

Road to Regionals: 3 Weeks to go - Payments made, Ongoing Deck Decisions


Another Locals and more idiocy anr mis-piloting. Game 1 vs. a new player using just a Gear Chronicle Trial Deck. I triple drive when attacking with a rearguard? Even at Level 1 in our shop that's rightfully an auto-game loss. It wasn't on this occasion and I did go on to win but point stands I should have forfieted and accepted my mistake.

Round 2 was lost to a recurring foe, Brave's Buddy, LJA Darkness. Once more his Link Joker locking down and decimating Sanctuary Guard's advances. He suffered a bad start having to G-Assist and survive past an attempt to early rush but he held firm and once Messiah was gaining advantage and cards. Once that happened he perfect guarded my single attack 3 turns in a row, held full board control nd eventually slew me with a 4 attack turn. My own recourses expired.

Round 3 was lost to Gear Chronicle as piloted by Chris who's becoming a regular at the shop.

Round 4 was a win, but this was vs a new player as with Round 1, however this win was at least fully legitimate without any hiccups.

Generally another rough day at the office so Sanctuary Guard clearly isn't for me. Pity.

Other than that- contribution towards hotel paid and train has been booked. Every is in place for open nationals... everything except the deck. But I still have two more ideas I'm willing to try- one of which, if correct, will help me complete the forfeit conditions required to unlock Dimension Police.

The last thing and unrelated note is I have now taken on several decks cheaply given away due to exceptional circumstances.