Monday, 28 September 2015

Road To Regionals: 2 weeks to go

No activity. Just been toying witg collection and play testing but nothing out of the ordinary. At this point everything but what I'll actually play has been finalised, locked in and prepared for. So just kick back relax and don't worry. Going to win isn't right, more pressure more likely to mess up. The priority should be on fun and any further funding that may be required. After this my season is done. The annual festivies and German market come to the city in the countdown to Christmas. This makea travel to and from HQ much more difficult.

I can always Escape of course but November is fully booked by concert and meet ups already and budget must be considered for Christmas and what to get people is a crucial also. Guess more items need to go on the sales platter to balance the books.

I will confess I never factored Christmas Shopping into my budget for this quarter.

Going splits on a box of the new set just cuase can. Preparing my secret weapon for nats and then actually going up only for further costs to hit while up there. Among these is getting a set of the Summer Bermudas and a binder for someone back home. And of course need to prepare fresh and spare sleeves.