Friday, 7 August 2015

V-Talks: Lone shop of Kernow

I've just come back from a holiday, not that it should have been overly noticed that I was gone since auto posting worked as intended, sure I'm missing deck lists so I'll have to eventually get round to that later but I want to put this out now. While I've been away, there's many things I've not been able to work on, one of them is the spreadsheet on my drive for the community Survey I did back in April in which the result publication is now so overdue it's ridiculous but I still need to finish it, I've gotten too far to just quit now. Just means that when finally published much of the info will be out dated, severely so.

I have a convention in a few weeks so there's no money for cards till that's done, once I do have money I'll be picking up the Buddyfight Hero World EB and seeing where I go from there, but the big spend will be in October, BT-04 has support that my decks could really benefit from. Anything in that set is a usable upgrade with exception to Genesis. I'll probably go splits in a set of boxes to get Megacolony.

Anyway, I've just come back from Cornwall, and while down there I went to a shop and wrote the following on the same day, didn't publish at the time as I had no internet to be able to post from where I was staying. Please enjoy;


Mad for miniatures, as only Local Card Game store in the Cornwall county, has quite a job to fulfil- and so the question is, does it?

I was able to hang about in the shop for an hour on 25th July 2015, however with other things going on, with the family also in town, I had to correspond to their timing. So this is going to be more of first impressions than an in depth review.

The business, Mad For Miniatures, as the name implies, specializes in tabletop war and associated miniatures, Warhammer and War Machine taking up the majority of the Market House first floor, at the top of Market Hill of St Austell, alongside this they sell and host Magic The Gathering, Pokémon TCG, YuGiOh, Cardfight Vangaurd. I did not see any Future Card Buddyfight or Wiess Schwartz.

While I was there, the store was running a PTQ for the London Event of the Magic The Gathering Pro-Tour AND a Pokémon, the former event had 25 participants, the latter I didn't have chance to count for, and even then there remained plenty of room for casual Warhammer, Yu-Gi-Oh and of course, Cardfight Vangaurd.

Of the local players, it seemed the local meta wasn't too worried with keeping up to date, the mindset was a casual one, which I find nice, relaxing, a change of pace from my local, not just scenery.

I'd say the seating was probably set up for 60 people, but there was easily room for 80, maybe 90? Largest LGS I've ever been into personally in terms of property covered floor area.

The people of the place, the staff, the players, very polite to an outsider visiting their turf, and now I think about it, I didn't even properly introduce myself? Well if any of you who read this are the people I met that day, apologies, it was very rude of me to not formally introduce myself at the time but I do hope I meet you lot again, whether that be on your terf, my own, or the national stage. Oh and I have your street passes, I know I will meet at least one of you again, why? Because I'd met you before.

Oh dear Cray... that sounded... just wrong... You know what, forget I said that last bit. It didn't come out right at all. :L To be fair, if it wasn't for the long distance, or the need to move and leave all my existing friends behind, I love MFM to be my local game store.