Wednesday, 19 August 2015

V-Talks: Dealing with the problem. (REQUEST)

Some advice was requested, and since I’m writing this out I may as well dual purpose it for the blog.

In the light of recent surprisingly high Dimension Police turn out at the recent ARG States finals it is clear that the clan is a key player in the current meta after all. So that's a nother reason to be writing this then isn't it?

You got 99 problems and I'm number 1.
Your opponent is playing DP and you’ve just seen Laurel. (Cat Butler in Nova Grappler but the question asked was about the former so that’ll be the focus, but what I say here works for both… sort of. Cat is slightly harder.)

First some basics things to take into account.

If you fear Laurel in Dimension Police, you better bring the older Perfect Guards to the playground, those PGGs aren’t going to cut it, although if the opposing vanguard you’re staring down is Metalborg, Sin Buster of Hyper Metalborg, Heavy Duke no amount of PG is going to save you, as they'll just fire right at Vanguard for glory anyway, so let’s talk prevention.

Make DP use up their hand in defending early. This means rush them. Dimension Police is at it’s weakest pre-grade 3, exploit this fact.

Royal Paladin have Sanctuary Guard and Jewel Knights, both hit hard and fast, and are frequently combined to.

Gold Paladin; BT-16 Liberators, Shadow Paladi;, Revengers, and Aqua Force also each have good early rush options.

Taking this to the extreme there’s also decks focused purely on Grade 1&2 rushes, one often joked about, but hell if you face it is Grade 1 Seekers.

When mid game has been reached this is where Laurel will come into play. Observation is key, take note of DP’s hand, both what goes in and how many, and act accordingly. If the Threat from Laurel is imminent, you need to take control of the board.

Kagero and Narukami have the easiest means to achieve this with consistent retires and in the case of Narukami Brawlers a tasty dish of ORAORAORA!

Gear Chronicle vs. a full board ready to use Laurel? Upheaval Pegasus has your back. Scramble that field, and then any remaining problems that persist, clock them back to the opponent’s deck to. Of course you can also just chip away one at a time, but so long as you control the board and are keeping yourself safe, you’ll be fine.

Using Link Joker, all you need to do to keep out Laurel is lock and maintain the locks on two rearguard circles, using Chaos Breaker Dragon I would also advice locking a Laurel itself so you can kill it the moment the lock expires.

Megacolony is a case of much of the same as Link Joker get the paralyse on two units and keep them locked down, better yet, once G-BT-04 hits Gigaparalyse. (That’s a new word… more on this later.) Ideally you want to hit three units to cover yourself should the DP player hit a Stand Trigger during Drive checks. As a curveball, if you really feel like it Undefeated Mutant, Avectro Zeus can upset a DP player, but might destroy yourself as well.

Nubatama have options two as you can bind both the opponent’s field and hand, only issue is most of the time you also have to hit to get rid of a problem permanently, but this is a good way to destroy both the gambit and the opponent’s chance to reset for another attempt.

Shadow Paladin are Shadow Paladin, you have Diablo. USE IT! Any additional retires you can also get off are also welcome, of course Blaster Dark in each of his forms is good for this, but each of these also has different restrictions and limitations in what they can actually hit.

Moving onto clans that aren’t typically associated with control starting with the clan that the information was requested for.

Aqua Force’s options for taking board; of course you can use Maelstrom in either of his forms, except Glory, with Admiral being the easiest to pull off. Stride atop Thavas is also an option. Further to this though I advise attack front row rearguard with any spare attacks that can afford to, and also send a high power attack towards an opposing vanguard boosted by Assassinate Sailor, the greater the attack power, the better your chance of hitting and being able to use Sailor's skill; Lambros can help with this for the re-stand effect even if you can't yet get the +10000 to two units, because that's where High Tide Sniper proves useful.
Blue Storm Cadet, Anos is an option available to the legion Blue Storm builds, if you happen to be using either of them.

Royal Paladin have the many forms of Blaster Blade, to each of these I will make the same comment as with Blaster Dark, by extension I will mention Blaster Blade, Liberator in Gold Paladin. There is Exculpate the Blaster but don’t use that, it’s extremely restrictive and expensive, even though it does wipe out a complete board, but there’s so much in other clans that do the same so much better. As mentioned above, there's also Sanctuary Guard which if you use their corresponding Stride, Regelie you can rush Dimension Police and most other foes into oblivion, before they even have a chance to fight back.

For Oracle Think Tank, it's not much, but Silent Tom may force an opponent to need to guard with a Laurel before being able to use it. I don't advise actually trying this mind you as it has more chance to back fire than go favorably, not unless you're in the stack, but that takes considerable time to assemble.

Gold Paladin don't have much other than what I mentioned above.

Angel Feather? Sorry, I've got nothing ladies. Sure you can heal so it takes more to clip your wings, but I don't know of any consistent methods of rushing, and this clan certainly doesn't have control.

Genesis has two units in the Regalia archtype which give an ability to the Vanguard to make it that little bit more dangerous, Twilight Reglia, Hesperis grants both pressure and on-hit control, the bad news is it's a promo, and I don't know by what means it was obtainable, I've also not looked up it's singles cost. The other card is a +3 to you, and -3 to the opponent, equating as a +6 total in it's user's favor. This all sounds well and good, until you get into the cost of the card. Counterblast 4 AND Soul Blast Blast 6, and at LB5 only?! This card is Regalia of Wisdom and Courage, Brynhildr regarded as one of the absolute cross rides in the game, this perception not helped by being a RRR in a legion era set. But even then, it wouldn't matter when she was released, with such a high cost skill, she is bad and always will be bad, BUT she does offer control.

Dark Irregular if you’ve ever faced them you will know the power this clan possesses, and you may have also seen or experienced it’s flaws, but the clan does also have small element of control. Demon World Marquis, Amon gives low quality control, but control none the less. And if you’re in the Asoroth Legion those retires you force on your opponent will very quickly build your power up.
In G Dark Irregulars, Scharhrlot Vampir forces a retire in your stride turns every time your vanguard attacks, so long as your soul is 6 or more. So if you want to shut down Laurel you could attack the opposing side lanes with your own before then charging through with your vanguard, if both your rears hit you’re going to force the opponent to remove a unit from the back line.

Nova Grappler, Extreme Battlers, Tribut and Sazanda with Runbohl behind him will wreck face, and all while pressing the assault. Backup options are available that can do the same to lesser effect but they are also much weaker on the whole. And also don’t leave you with the same number of potential attacks, just also be ready to countercharge because even the combo I’ve mentioned here will probably use all you CB.

Great Nature: I was actually testing this match-up earlier using my existing deck but using some of the cards to proxy their amber clone, Tusk Master and G-Zone. And I must say I managed to come up with quite the interesting playstyle. With Tusk Master and Crayon Tiger both on the feild, along with Wisdom Teller on Vanguard I attacked a REARGUARD with an unboosted Tusk Master as the first attack, I followed this with Wisdom Teller taking aim at Vanguard, it was defended but critical triggers were scored and sent to Crayon Tiger who’s attack then stood Tusk and with Tusk’s second swing coming at the Vangaurd this meant his skill also triggered, the affects went to Crayon who took another swing with his multiple crits. Had the criticals not been a factor, Crayon’s second attack would have been used to take out the other front rearguard. If the opponent was Dimensional Robos or at least had one as the vanguard Daiearth would have countered this -2, but with anything else as the vanguard Dimension Police must call from their hand to use Laurel.

Tachikaze have rush, so long as you play Ancient Dragons, and do have some minor means of retiring. Pearly Titan can be used to take out a threat that exists on the opponent's board, as opposed to trying to reach it's critical mass. As for the only other stride they currently have, well that has to hit, and we know how that normally ends, but that is assuming the opponent actaully has what they need to defend.

Pale Moon has the potential to charge a nasty rush regardless of Silver Thorn or not. The only real difference here is Silver Thorn is more consistent. Bermuda Triangle can also rush all game depending on build, while building hand at the same time. So there's that.


I've still not covered everything, but the point should be clear if you follow the theme of what I'm talking about.

Open up with a rush while DP is at it's weakest, pray the opponent isn't running an 8k G1/10k G2 to escape rush.

Mid Game onward be more tactical and make decisions based on opponent's hand size and the cards in your own hand, memorize exactly what the opponent has if you can as every little bit of extra information you hold may affect your play and thus the general game state. This advice follows trhough to the late game.

If your deck has multiple attacks, use any spare attacks that are available to consistently pressure the front support, even if you can't strike the back line. Even with Daiearth to help the Dimensional Robo build, he may be able to fill the two empty slots, but he can only be used twice and to do so does cost a lot of counterblast which can limit the DP player from making many other big plays, except X-Tiger, there's little one can do to prevent that unless you're using Megacolony, even then though, DP players are known for running more than the average count of Grade 3, but we still spend more resources to ride to stride.

And Kaisov, I swear to Void, if you read this before we face at Point Omega I'm going to kill you 100 times over.