Thursday, 13 August 2015

V-Decks: Freeze Ray "G"

Been a while since I've been able to put up a deck I actually possess, and while I don't have all the parts to finish this at the moment. For the following, if the card is in red, it one I do not currently have, if amber, I have the card, just not all the copies I need. Black means I have the card and the amount.

Deck Name : Frozen Heart

1x Earnest Star-vader, Selenium (FV)

2x Beloved Child of Superstring Theory (DRAW)
4x Recollection Star-vader, Tellurium (HEAL)
4x Star-vader, Meteor Liger (CRIT)
4x Star-vader, Sparkdoll
2x Star-vader, Weiss Soldat
3x Destiny Dealer
2x Hollow Twin Blades, Binary Star
4x Lady Keeper of Virtual Reality
2x Prison Gate Star-vader, Palladium
3x Star-vader, Bolt Line
2x Companion Star Star-vader, Photon
4x Furious Claw Star-vader, Niobium
2x Singularity Sniper
4x Sunset Edge, Duskblade
2x Alter Ego Messiah
4x Star-vader, Freezeray Dragon
1x Star-vader, Garnet Star Dragon

2x Genesis Dragon, Judgement Messiah
4x Nebula Dragon, Big Crunch Dragon
2x Rain Element, Madew

Clearly there's still some money to be spent here, but the idea is there. In my previous Freeze Ray build I'd inflict damage to myself during my own turns to restrict the opponent, now the play is the opposite I'll let them hit me, but they've got to work around all the other unit trying to lock them at the same time. The idea is to hit them with locks then try to extend those locks, either by making them last longer, or spreading those locks to other units through pressure based skill. And yes this is means as a budget deck of sorts with the only non budget card being the COTW, Nebula Dragon, Big Crunch Dragon, and as you can see, he's maxed out. The only other non-budget change I'd make is switing to PGG to get some countercharging in as in typical Link Joker fashion, this deck is heavy on those Counterblasts.

Giving credit where credit is due, I'm not the only one to propose a Freeze Ray G deck so please allow me to link you to a video by Cardfight Vangaurd Channel Cardfight Central where another Freeze Ray deck is proposed, similar, but differing from this one.
-- (On a side note, one could scrap Singularity Sniper for more Photon but I want to test what happens with having that on-hit pressure.)