Thursday, 6 August 2015

Guest Decks: Mimmo"Faker" Gold Paladins, Ezel

Following on from my designated COTW, Gigantech Ringer, it's me again Mimmo with a personal favorite deck list to utilize ringer in. I like to call this build Trace-On! If you can understand why its called such or where the reference is from 10 points to you but then again these points don't matter anyway.


Grade 0:
1x Rising Lionet
4x Pharmacy Witch (HEAL)
4x Runebau (STND)
4x Ketchgal Liberator (STND)
4x Gigantech Ringer (STND)
Grade 1:
4x Holy Mage Prideri (PG)
4x listener of truth Dindrane
4x Blackmane Witch
2x Silver Fang Witch
Grade 2:
2x Farmgal
4x Blaster Blade Spirit
4x Blaster Dark Spirit
Grade 3:
4x Incandescent Lion, Blond Ezel
3x Blazing Lion,Platina Ezel
2x Salvation Lion Grand Ezel Scissors

4x Absolution Lion King Mithril Ezel
2x Golden Dragon Spearcross Dragon
1x Golden Dragon Scourge Point Dragon
1x Fast Chase Golden Knight Cambell

Here are some notes about the deck list:
1) The Blaster Spirits CONT skill allows them to be considered Gold Paladins at all times even in deck building thus they do not go against Clan fight regulations and can be used in tournament play.

2)The deck does not make use of Critical Triggers at all but makes up for this with the synergy created from all 3 stand triggers' skills.

3) This deck has the ability to create plays and use skills starting from any grade and thus does not suffer too greatly from the current trend of staying at grade 2 an extra turn to avoid enemy stride.

4) Despite people's reluctance to use Spear Cross Dragon in  Gold Paladin G-Zones aside from a recovery from retire countermeasure this deck allows itself to open up RCs when needed and still create powerful assaults while due to the cost of Mithril Ezels skill create a  first use of Spear Cross being possible to call 3 cards and after 2 uses of Mithril Ezels skill once can call up to all 5 of the units spear cross may call off his skill.

5) Blackmane Witch's skill may be used even when ridden as the vanguard as the forerunner skill of your starting vanguard can  be used before you use Blackmane's ability it would cost you your starter but depending on the match up you can turn that starter into a  better unit or at worst a Gigantech Ringer....oh wait that is still a good thing.
Butting in here as I actually I would say that a Heal Trigger or Sentinel would be the worst calls as they are the only units that do nothing at all for you on a Rearguard circle.

6) Farmgal despite his low base power of 8000 in this deck filled with 6000-5000 would normally be seen as plain dumb I'm sure, however one must pay attention to the decks main gambits; Farmgal is not meant for the early game, however can still be paired with a 6000 booster for a  14000 power attack and as for his main use he is a still a unit that can be called off of Mithril Ezel at a power level of 
16000 which considering it can call forth a  second unit is great  and a single trigger for your starter may bring him up to 21000 anyway and if called off Campbell he is a 10 000 power unit which works considering almost all our grade 1s are 6000 base and if called during Scourge Point allows a second call so the total power gain to the field up so much his lower power is of no concern anyway.

7) Pre Grade 3 Blackmane Witch and Runebau are the decks main superior call enablers however they have even more purpose if you are on Scourge Point anyway as you can create an assault equal to Mithril Ezel on a  good call through their skills alongside scourge

The main winning image of this deck is to create  columns that hit for above and beyond 21000 in multiple columns through the skills of your strides in combination with your rearguards while at the same time drawing cards or retiring your opponents interceptors from the start of the game to the finish alongside making the most of the units you have on the field, thus Stand Triggers are favored even in a bad spot- a single use of Mithril Ezel can create attacks of 21k unboosted and 31k now take the chance of that 12. Even a single stand coming in triple drive transforms this into 21-31-26, this already for 1 counterblast is equivalent to the columns Platina Ezel's Ultimate Break produces while hitting a single trigger.

The addition of Ringer allowed the build to come into fruition allowing the Gold Paladins to push their opponent at almost anytime and even making older units like Blond Ezel deal more lethal attack as his limit break would leave you with an all on the vanguard attack. Anymore and stand triggers allow you to reuse powered up rearguards anyway; something that synergies greatly with even Platina Ezel himself, who can frankly take an opponents early grade 2 rush down and make it into a  comeback counter win if timed right.
As I said the deck is made to be able to give its all at almost all times of the fight  however if one does not know how to manage their counterblasts they may find the build problemac, however the build can easily be readjusted for such while barely changing its method of play.

I'm hoping you all enjoyed this and pick something up from this.


That's it from our guest author, Mimmo"Faker" if anyone reads this, let me know if you'd like to see Mimmo be featured again in the future.
I should be back from my travels on on the day this posts and I will begin work immediately on Link Joker's spotlight as I take a look at Messiah.

Note: Both images used in this post are fan art taken from Zerochan, I do not know the original artists else I would credit them, However Emiya Shirou is a character from the Type Moon universe and is own by Type Moon, Ezel of course belongs to Bushiroad. All characters are copyright, trademark and property of their respective owners.