Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Brave's Battles: Point Omega, V End

I have fallen.
Point Omega has concluded and Dimension Police are lost, destroyed by the forces of Bluish Flames. As commanded by Brave Buddy, Overlord. (Now "Kaiser" again as Dragonic Empire and their Kaiser will not be returning to Vanguard for the foreseeable future.)

This leaves me with a chance to reflect now that I'm unable to use Dimension Police for at least until after Nationals have passed. For all my preparation and meticulous planning, I failed at one thing. In combining all elements of the Dimension Police Battleroids, my deck was moved away from the one thing that would have saved me against Bluish Flames, that one thing was Limit Break. In other words I would have fared much better if I'd maintained my usual full robo build as opposed to mixing the factions.

The forfeit conditions I must fulfill before being able to use DP again is to build Gold Paladin, as that is the clan I lost to, and use them to top a local.Mine and Overlord's long rivalry has reached it's conclusion with him victorious, ending the chapter.

Looking towards the future we begin the Road to Regionals. Taking place on October 10-11 means I have 7 weeks to prepare. Which I will do by resting and working to get the money to afford the trip. In other words no fighting other than CFA or CFO when it's out.

In other news I've now picked up Buddyfight. My deck as it stands currently is just two Hero World trial decks combined. With upgrades to be obtained from Shadow Vs. Hero since I sure as hell am not touching any set that says Version E on the box.

Also as of posting this I've fully revealed the Point Omega deck that was defeated. But this is not the end for me with Dimension Police, and certainly not Vanguard. Not yet anyway.

Point Omega as an event however was won by Brave's Buddy Aesir (Check out his comic blog!) Using Oracle Think Tank. Gold Paladin took Second, Royal Paladin took third. I was DQ'ed from loosing access to Dimension Police part way through the event due to my defeat in my own personal Point Omega.

Aesir's winning deck list is as follows.

Grade 0:
Battle Sister, Waffle x1 (FV)
Battle Sister, Chai x4 (HEAL)
Battle Sister, Assam x4 (STND)
Battle Sister, Ginger x4 (CRIT)
Battlle Sister Tiramisu x4 (DRAW)
Grade 1:
2x Battle Sister, Lemonade
1x Battle Sister, Cocoa
3x Battle Sister, Chocolat (PG)
3x Battle Sister Lollipop (LB0)
1x Battle Sister, Taffy
3x Battle Sister, Omelet
Grade 2:
3x Battle Sister, Tarte
4x Battle Sister, Macaron
3x Battle Sister, Pudding (MATE)
2x Battle Sister, Marshmallow
Grade 3:
1x Battlle Sister Parfait (LB4)
1x Battle Sister, Fromage (LB4)
1x Battle Sister, Souffle 
3x Battle Sister, Gelee (LEGION)
2x Battle Sister Mille-feuille (GB1)

1x Harmonics Messiah
1x Rain Element, Madew
1x Miracle Element, Atmos
1x Snow Element, Blizza
1x Soaring Auspicious Beast, Kirin
1x Rainbow-Calling Nine-Headed Dragon King

I bet no one was expecting that!

Kaiser's deck that he used to take second overall, and destroy my own forces by grade stalling.

Deck Name: House Of Gold
Grade 0:1x Flaming Passion Liberator, Guido (FV)
4x ??? (CRIT)
4x Ascendant Liberator, Barbtruc (CRIT)
4x ??? (DRAW)
4x ??? (HEAL)
Grade 1:
4x Holy Mage, Bryderi (PG)
4x Fast Chase Liberator, Josephus
4x May Rain Liberator, Bruno
2x Physical Force Liberator, Zorron
Grade 2:
4x Liberator of Oath, Aglovale
3x Taciturn Liberator, Brennius
4x Regulation Liberator, Aglovale
4x Bluish Flame Liberator, Prominence Core
Bluish Flame Liberator, Prominence Glare

In Kaiser's words, not mine. "Holy and Brennius = Unflip
Josephus and Draw Trig = Draw
Zorron, Oath, Core, Glare and Starter = Superior Calling
Glare and Core = Crit gain can easy stack crits quickly
Regulation and Crit Trig = G3 Searcher
Bruno = POWER"

Stating the obvious, but can't say it's not true.


Point Omega Clan Break Down (in rank order)
1 Oracle Think Tank
1 Gold Paladin
1 Royal Paladin
1 Dark Irregular
1 Nova Grappler
1 Narukami
1 Bermuda Triangle
1 Shadow Paladin
1 Dimension Police (DQ)