Thursday, 20 August 2015

Brave's Battle's: Point Omega, the final battle approcahes...

Before I went away on a tour of the Kernow region began working on a deck and event both code named Point Omega.
I've since built a deck and spent the last week testing. As of mid afternoon, today, I completed the testing.
The app I was using for tracking results isn't meant for the use I re-purposed it for but it's "soft save" function made it ideal. Tests were performed by simulating 2/3 tournament play. In the attached picture you can see the results of the concluded test run for Point Omega. I will review the app I was using in a later post.
I would have Enigman on the testing list but forgot about them at time of test start.
Pure Metalborgs were taken apart as part of the Point Omega build process.
Point Omega itself is where myself and several others first played Cardfight Vangaurd and also where many connections were made. Over the past year or so some rivalries have lit ablaze, Point Omega is a return to where it all began. And where everything will be bought to an end. It is the final battle, rivalries will be settled 

The following list is the deck as it has been "finalized" following testing.
Deck Name : Point Omega. (Some cards concealed for the time being due to someone who I know will be checking this before Point Omega)


3x Cosmic Hero, Grandbeat (CRIT)
1x Dimensional Robo, Daimagnum (FV)
3x Dimensional Robo, Daiwolf (CRIT)
4x Dimensional Robo, Gorescue (HEAL)
3x Metalborg, Battle Roller (CRIT)
3x Metalborg, Grasscutter (CRIT)
3x Commander Laurel
4x Cosmic Hero, Grandchopper
2x Cosmic Hero, Grandwagon
4x Cosmic Hero, Granguard (PG)
4x Cosmic Hero, Grandsub
2x Dimensional Robo, Daifighter
4x Metalborg, Ur Buster
2x Great Cosmic Hero, Grandgallop
2x Metalborg, Sin Buster
4x Super Dimensional Robo, Daikaiser
1x Super Dimensional Robo, Shadowkaiser
1x Ultimate Dimensional Robo, Great Daikaiser
2x 99th-gen Dimensional Robo Commander, Great Daiearth
2x Hyper Metalborg, Heavyduke
1x Super Cosmic Hero, X-falcon
1x Super Cosmic Hero, X-rogue
2x Super Cosmic Hero, X-tiger
Yes, that's right, 12 crit and no Reika.
So let's acknowledge the defeats and what went wrong first.
Silver Thorns scored 2-0 mainly through rush, this tactic was the same for Neo Sephirot (2-1) except for game 1 where Neo Nectar was unable to fill their field. In game 2, early attacks managed to check criticals which had the same effect on my game state as being rushed. And Game 3 was decided by a combination of their stand trigger skill with the GB2 of Ahsha, and then checking both stands back in the twin drive.
The Overlord deck was Chain Blast/Overlord, but it was focused on beat down instead of retiring, mostly playing a vanilla game but with high powered attacks. This simple offense proved surprisingly effective against the Point Omega deck.
Diard/Daiyusha with consistent 2 crit attacks and a later transition into Reverse Beatdown bought the pain, additionally with that deck I was proxying a full play set of Daiearth in the G-Zone, if the deck had been running Commander Laurel, those 2 uses of Daiearth would have been much worse, but with everything else also going on, the Commander wasn't required in order to score the win.
Link Joker was Freeze Ray/Messiah, attacking the Vanguard led to my own attacks being decreased so I'd been focusing on trying to take out the rear guard with my own and then hitting Van with Van. This didn't work as Link Joker was able to build advantage off this hesitation, Link Joker then reduced the Point Omega deck to 2 lanes most of the match and always managed to keep 2-3 circles locked once they had ridden to Grade 3. Sitting on Freeze Ray and transitioning to Messiah when resources started to run out to cash in on any expiring locks. Big Crunch was an MVP in this face off.
Sanc Guard was just a case of, hit grade 3; ggnore, too powerful, too fast. With Regalie in action, not even a x-ride could defend from how fast this deck goes live.
In the 2-1 results there's Great Nature, which the loss Point Omega.dek received was due to burning all resource to stop a suicidal rush, this weakened the next offensive turn, while Great Nature had piled on the increase in hand allowing the attacks to be fended off with little effort. A following turn to stride into Phoeniax, of all things, and another surge of powerful attacks, was game.

Gear Chonicle scored a single win because Ragnaclock is a thing and I hadn't enough Grade 0's in Point Omega.dek's hand to defend. This was a similar situation with Dark Irregulars in which Gile de Rais happened.
On the deck's own side. In cases where the first ride was Shadow Kaiser, the deck had to fully rely on Stride for any form of pressure and also get out of there quick, this meant in order to change vanguard you really needed a turn where 2 grade 3's or more were in hand to get out of Shadow Kaiser and still be able to stride that turn, if your Grade 3 ride was Sin Buster however, this wasn't such an issue as you can then Legion and still have pressure of an on-hit draw for that turn, even if nothing else.

Moving on to what went right:

This goes without saying, but the ideal Grade 3 to initially ride into is Daikaiser, this can then follow through into various possible finishers in the later stages of the game. Even stand alone Grandgallop and Sin Buster are both ideal back up Grade 3's each opens and closes a different route for the deck.
X Falcon was stridden once in the entire test, when the setup was ideal for it, use as first Stride on Grandgallop, "Lock and Load" Daimagnum and calling in a 7k booster to replace him, this brings up Falcon to 41000 when he attacks, and with two open counterblast while still at mid game, this puts the pressure on, Laurel or non. The one time he was used he did score the Crit, but it was because of how versatile Daimagnum is, the given example included, that I concluded on him being the ideal starter for a deck of this nature.
Likewise another odd choice, one recommended by William Cole, but it certainly paid off, is Daifighter. notice the 2-0 victory against Aqua Force, a clan that generally has a strong early game, if you hold the right cards. Riding Daifighter at Grade 2 though reduced the 4 attack early rush to just 1-2 attacks that actually threatened to hit so I'm thankful for having a 10k vanilla there, also being 10k means I can call him to Rearguard, and due to being a Dimensional Robo I can do this with with Daiearth and there's few other Grade 2's that would be able to take him out without a boost. So thanks for the advice there man. Going X-ride early, even if that meant not having the Break Ride effect, also made a huge difference in the tested deck's defensive capabilities.
12 Criticals in this scenario has proven more useful than anticipated and will be maintained going into the event this weekend.

Things that made little, or no difference:

Commander Laurel
being at 3 honestly didn't make much impact, other than when forced to ride him, but as Rearguard, and for his skill, I still wasn't using him any more than if he was at 2.
2 copies of Heavy Duke, for this build, proves to be more than enough. Often, due to counterblast usage, only one is ever used, the other often pays a cost for X-Tiger, noting the use of Daiearth, which calls a Grade 3 and Grade 2, I could opt to remove one Heavy Duke for my usual build's alternate finisher, Dark Superhuman, Omega. Which would be poetic given what the deck is for. And I've broken my brief of Battleroids only by putting Commander Laurel in the deck anyway.

Possible changes before Point Omega.
-1 Laurel+1 Dailion OGrandwagon OR Daifighter
-1 Hyper Metalborg, +1 Dark Superhuman Omega

Following all of this testing though, it's left me with one deck I am very eager to