Saturday, 13 June 2015

Virtual Decks: Dragonic Kaiser Crimson

Well that's a new topic type- but why? Simply put it's a heading prefix I can use for the decks that I do not and probably will not ever get my hands on IRL, regardless of how long I play this game, unless everyone went and quit leaving a huge stock market of collections on the cheap to to an over saturated and collapsing market but let's preferably not go down that road.

Dragonic Kaiser Vermillion is the OG Narukami deck, hailing from an era when Limit Break where over costed and you'd probably only get you big plays off once or twice at best. Dragonic Kiaser Crimson provided the old imperial dragon of the thunder dragons with the Legion Upgrade, and that along side some newer support units makes the deck viable once again, if you play it in level 1 or casual play anyway, higher levels of play might prove entertaining in terms of the match-ups. In any case, the following is the build I've been playing with this week and I must say, now I want to build Vermillion to- except Brawlers are better, like by a lot.

Deck Name : The Kaiser, Crimson red path.

1x Brawler, Fighting Dracokid (FV)
4x Demonic Dragon Nymph, Seiobo (HEAL)
4x Eradicator, Yellow Gem Carbuncle (CRIT)
4x Heaven Rising Brawler, Yohzen (CRIT)
4x Malevolent Djinn (CRIT)
4x Dragon Dancer, Anastasia (PGG)
3x Eradicator, Egghelm Dracokid (LB0)
2x Mighty Bolt Dragoon (Stride Assist)
2x Rising Phoenix
3x Tonfa Brawler, Arc
4x Demonic Dragon Berserker, Chatura
2x Dusty Plasma Dragon
4x Voltage Horn Dragon
4x Dragonic Kaiser Crimson
3x Dragonic Kaiser Vermillion
2x Dragonic Vanquisher

4x Conquering Supreme Dragon, Conquest Dragon
3x Lightning Dragon Knight, Zorras
1x Snow Element, Blizza

Have I mastered this deck? No, I've only been playing it for week, but I believe having toyed with this build that it's a good starting point with 2 routes to take between Crimson and Vanquisher depending on which you draw first.

User Notes:
Brawler, Fighting Dracokid is used alongside your Kaiser Legion to cause further damage an opposing field. This provides you one highly devastating turn, but against many decks today, one devastating turn alone just isn't enough, but then again, Vermillion reborn as a whole just is not Narukami's Most Effective Tactic Available so if you're playing this build, you're realistically doing so for fun anyway.

Your Legion, is you main gambit, and since it will always be attacking first, 12 Crit (as I've used) or switching in some draws are your realistic options, Stand Triggers will just not be of mush use here and placing them in would be highly illogical.

Being the kind of deck this is, Eradicator, Egghelm Dracokid, is an esstial component of you main gambit if you plan to be able to do some damage without actaully having 4 damage.

Mighty Bolt Dragoon is a way to search out your plan B Grade 3 should you feel like using Dragonic Vanquisher or rather be in a scenario where you need to use him as you rather Dragonic Vanquisher than riding Dragonic Kaiser Vermillion.

Rising Phoenix it's a Luck Bird clone card, nothing special but it is a +1, ok being placed behind Vangaurd, not so good being put anywhere else, reason being is it's 5000 power not being good for boosting rearguards, but you can still get away with this with the vanguard lane, and since you have a rear guard that attacks for 11k anyway, in the visage of Demonic Dragon Berserker, Chatura, this is one of the exceptions where even boosting a rear, with Rising Phoenix will most often be hitting for 2 stages. And well it could also be boosting Dusty Plasma Dragon, so long as it's not boosting Voltage Horn Dragon you satisfy the boundary for hitting for 2 stages.

Tonfa Brawler, Arc I keep forgetting to use this guy's skill, EVERY. DAMN. TIME. It's a good skill, I just NEVER remember to use it, that's called Vanbad people. He's good in this build just take my word for it, and don't do what I do. Make sure unlike me you actually remember to make use of his AUTO.

Grade 2:
Demonic Dragon Berserker, Chatura has one major restriction on him, and may have a low base power, but he is a high pressure unit, binding the opposing drop zone and giving you a +1 for counterblast 1 if he hit the vanguard, not that it's going to be attacking anything else.

The other two Grade 2 can both be summed up easily. Dusty Plasma Dragon - Vermiallion 12k, can easily use GB1 12k instead, neither going live till your at greade 3 anyway and GB1 is just one turn slower typically but works regardless of your Vangaurd, and so long as it's attacking Vangaurd, not that it's likely to attacking thing else, it's Narukami after all, play it well and what front line does the opponent have? Just swing dammit SWING AND LET THERE BE BLOOD! Whoa. that's not like me. PUNCH IT INTO OBLIVION! OK, I'm done. Last Grade 2, Voltage Horn Dragon is the clan's Amber Clone, and there hasn't been a single bad one of those yet.

You bosses, your grade 3's, two are OK in their own different ways, the remaining one you simply want to avoiding riding if you can as it will prove costly, in more ways than one. Dragonic Kaiser Crimson is you main ace and is what makes Dragonic Kaiser Vermillion work. The latter of which you do not want to ride, like at all. Crimson holds much better synergy with the deck, since it uses Legion support units. And allows you to clear that front row for free, Vermillion alone however is CB3 which then shut down the rest of the deck into a mostly vanilla game. Do not want!
Failing Crimson, you still have an easy way to wipe the front row and gain huge power benefits doing so but it requires being on your second stride or greater and going for Conquering Supreme Dragon, Conquest Dragon on top of Dragonic Vanquisher, This clears the opppoent's front row while giving all of your +10000 power, if you achieved the relatively simple combo that is. This same move is also your ideal finishing move.
I will admit, I thought Dragonic Vanquisher was a bad unit before playing this deck, but since seeing through tests how he combos with your finishing stride, I realize how mistaken I was, and sure, his GB2 remains underwhelming, but it's easy to trigger and it's pressure all the same, aside from which you don't really focus on the GB2, they are just there as a back up plan should you not be able to stride.

This leaves two other strides as mentioned above, Lightning Dragon Knight, Zorras is the simple on-hit stride, in his case retire and bind an opponent's card, the oddball, but not really, is Snow Element, Blizza- tossed in should you Ride Vanquisher so you can then use GB2 next turn if need be, a technical option for specific situation but can also be uased as an alternate finisher if your opponent's somehow survived 2 turns of a fully successful Conquest Dragon gambit, at that point that's at least 5+1 (6) Face up G-Units making Blizza 56000, adding in typical booster that's 63000, not quite a guaranteed PG or NG, but chances are by that stage of game if opponent don't have PG, they can not guard it, and there's only 4 PG.

When all it said and done, sure, it's not the strongest deck Narukami has to offer, especially post Fighter's Collection, but Vermillion revived is still a powerful foe to attempt putting down.