Monday, 29 June 2015

Brave's Battles: Tag Team Terror

-And that (title) is alliteration. ^^

Well this was different. Locals that had a tag team tournament, and will now do so last Saturday of every month. It was enjoyable that much is sure and gave a different perspective on how to fight, There was 12 people present and so 6 teams were formed, with the pairings being randomly drafted by drawing cards and pairing with the player that held the matching card: Team Names, clans and results as follows;

1st: Big Bang Theory
A: Genesis
B: Narukami
2nd: Trigger Club
A: Shadow Paladin
B: Gold Paladin
3rd: Trust NO Bitches
A: Great Nature
B: Gold Paladin
4th: We Don't Give a **** (WDGAS)
A: Link Joker
B: Genesis
5th: Double Force
A: Spike Brothers
B: Gear Chronicle
6th: Techno-Organic
A: Nova Grappler (V)
B: Great Nature (D)

Where am I in all of this? At the bottom, as the Nova Grappler player in Techno-Organic. Oh dear oh dear- what went wrong?


Round 1 vs. Big Bang Theory
Personally bad match up vs Narukami paired with bad rides and all heals in starting hand.
Attempt to recover with Legion but countered by Zoras and killed in same turn.
Partner had opposite problem of attackers but no defence.

Round 2 vs. Trigger Club
Gold Paladin Early rushed me as soon as their second turn, and we learned the hard way that Diablo Vs. Great Nature does not end well, and that was despite Shadow Paladin's generally having a bad game.

Round 3 vs. Double Force
In being so concerned about Spike Brothers both me and my partner ended up making several misplays that while all minor, added up. I managed to do use Tribute to do some damage to my opposing Gear Chronicle field but retired the wrong units for the optimal play, I ended up being too concerned about Stem Knight, Puzur-Illi when the real threat at the time was Steam Fighter, Amber.

If I had to be honest I'd say I was the weak link in Techno Organic, I was playing Nova Grappler which need their field, and yet I was unable to establish that field in any of our matches.