Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Brave's Battles: Shadows on Sunday

I hadn't indented to go out to yet another local this week, yet that's exactly what happened when I received a request from Teal Mariner to meet at Escape Games in Coventry; being a Sunday also I knew exactly where this was going...

We started the locals later than usual as we spent a lot of time collectively as a group just gossiping and going over a few trades and testing upgrades. I decided to use Sanctuary Guard again because well it's a break from robots, although this time I did have my DP G Units with me so could have stuck to using the deck I'm known for but sometime you feel like a change, which is why I have 20 decks in total, even though most of them still need a lot of work and investment to be even locals viable.

We had 6 people partake in the locals with the following decks.

3 Royal Paladin
1 Shadow Paladin
1 Granblue
1 Bermuda Triangle

Based on the title of this post take a guess what won. Shadow Paladins with Diablo Abyss Revengers. Deck is top tier in the meta at the moment and while at the local level that doesn't show too heavily when you only play 3 round in what isn't even an overly competitive scene, the power of the deck does become more obvious when showcased in larger level 2 events.

In any case I'm going to keep this brief as I am now overdue on the legend deck review so need to get to work on that.

Round 1 I faced Granblue and it was not a good game for them, however they managed to work with it anyway and that in combination with some places where I think I might of misplayed gave them the win.

Round 2 was vs, Teal which was not good for him as he doesn't really play, but rather just collects, however it did mean a relatively easy win for me, despite the game lasting longer than it should have.

Round 3 Vs. Diablo Abyss. Didn't have a good game on the whole, was unable to set up a decent field and this left Regalie as being less of a threat, never managed to get my 4 attacks a turn in during this fight either.

Finished the day 1-2 which I now need to add to my record for this year.

Right, now to play catch up before posting the COTW for this week. Actually there won't be one as I have something else in store this week, despite it going against my original plans....