Monday, 8 June 2015

Brave's Battles: Getting out for once.

Wednesday June 3rd... 
Oh right me and ***** wanted to play against your D police deck too but it's cool
What day?
I can hop in

And so it began...

Indeed it's been a while since I last went out to the locals but I was able to make it to one today, unfortunately I couldn't do the same for yesterday as well due to lack of transportation to getting to where I needed to be for that- but that's another story.

So I went to Escape Games in Coventry UK took part in the local finished, 14 people and finished 2-2- maybe... so while not worsening my win ratio for officially sanctioned games (maybe) I'm annoyingly still stuck at deuce and not improving either.

We played 35 minutes best of 1 swiss, I had a rough start vs Neo Nectar in a game in which I was on 5 damage most of the game, but not pushed furtehr than I could defend, however the game reached a point where time would have been called before I'd have finished resolving my attack even though next turn I would have finished the job of cutting the forest down, I figured I'd rather go down as result of taking damage than because of time, think opponent may have been stalling but then again Neo Nectar is Neo Nectar and a bad deck to up against in general when on the clock.

Game 2 vs. classic Shadow Paladins, opponent using old and dirty sleeves, but this wasn't an issue and I hate calling people out on marked sleeves with no evident pattern to them in level 1 format play. This ended up in a landslide Laurel victory.

Round 3 was a nice long hard fought battle vs. Seekers, I thought I'd outplayed the opponent by shutting down Thing Saver after capitalizing on them having some early poor luck by drawing said Thing Savers but in when they swung with Thing Saver their intention wasn't to finish the game there as I'd thought, that would come a turn later with the game having lasted long enough to filter the deck enough. Between Thing Saver, Shrouded Divine Knight, Gablade and Holy Dragon, Saint Blow Dragon I was worn down, and it was a Sacred Seeker, Wingal that eventually finished me off.

Round 4 I faced Gear Chronicle, I can not remember the details at all but I won, or at least I think I did.

Yeah I can't remember that game at all. I blame Gear Chronicle, must be screwing with time again. 

After the tournament concluded there was enough time for me to face the challenger quoted above. (Name withheld) Dimension Police, True Ultimate Dimensional Robo, Daikaiser vs. Shadow Paladin Diablo-Abyss, Best of 3, game on.

Game 1 just didn't go Shadow's way at all, Diablo struck, stridden atop Revenger, Phantom Blaster "Abyss" but never made an impact or left any major holes in my field. Meanwhile I'm pulling ahead in card by abusing Stride and Commander Laurel; this eventually become too much and with Dark Superhuman Omega as the finisher the abuse wins me the game. Game 2 proceeded in a similar fashion, despite me having rough start that round, even loosing one Commander Laurel to the damage zone. I managed to make a recovery much the same way as I played round 1 but this time my opponent had a better game, was able to wipe out my one Laurel left on the field, Diablo struck once, but was unable to a second time, and Aybss wasn't an option to finish me off either because of counterblast problems. The game ground to a 4-5 with shadows leading on damage dealt. I eventually lucked the victory using a 40000+ True Justice legion attack; powered up by multiple Operator Girl Reika's and 2 Dimensional Robo, Daijets with triggers delivering the final judgment, specifically 1 of 5 critical triggers in a 16 card deck, with 4 stands also in deck, and 4 grade 3, only 3 cards in deck that would have had no benefit to me in the drive check. That said, I had to hit the crit to win as I was not going to survive the next turn if Aybss had been played.

I feel certain in saying that had it not been for Commander Laurel I would not have won either. He is just such a strong advantage engine, however once G-BT-03 hits and Shadow Paladins receive their full upgrades however I think that, even with Commander Laurel, Dimensional Robos will NOT be able to compete with Shadow Paladins, Metalborgs on the other hand will be in top form and for Dimension Police will become the clan's Most Effective Tactics Available (META) deck post FC15, so if you didn't have that deck already, may your wallet rest in pieces.