Sunday, 21 June 2015

Brave's Battles: An gap of opportunity

Cheap wins are cheap, but a win is also a win.
Went to Local HQ yesterday, only six people as most of the local fighters were off at Team League, of which I couldn't afford to go. However while all the power houses are away I managed to play a locals that I actually could win with minimal effort. Or so I thought...

with 6 people we player 3 rounds of Swiss, I would have preferred Round Robin but that's the given format so deal with I guess.

Between the 6 of us our decks were as follows including final rank.

Royal PaladinSanctuary Guard Altmile
Shadow Paladin - Diablo Abyss
Narukami - Ignition Vanguisher
Aqua Force - 2 mixed G-TDs
Royal Paladin - Seekers
Kagero - Perdition Breakdown

My first round opponent was a player nicknamed Grey Wolf, He plays Shadow Paladins and ONLY Shadow Paladins, he entered with the new improved Abyss deck using Diablo. He wins dice roll to start and things are pretty tame on the first 4 turns. (2 each) On turn 5 he rides Mordred, I let it hit, Judgebau goes off and so Swordbreakers follow, but I allowed this since it didn't pull him too far ahead on card advantage since I'd graded up using the SoL ride chain which had given me an +2 of my own in the early stages. As of end of this turn damage is 3-2 (I think) with Wolf leading. On my turn I ride Sanctuary Guard Dragon, answering Wolf's Swordbreaker with my Sword of Hope, Richard and then dropping SoL, Brightness Dragon to stride into my new toy, courtesy of Fighter's Collection 2015- which is bloody scarce here in UK, Sanctuary Guard Regalie I had 2 grade 1s on field at this time which meant +6000 to entire from row, which consisted of Regalie and  Knight of Twin Sword.
Regalie attacks first, boosted by SoL, Planet Lancer for total of 39000 on the opposing Vanguard, not guarded. Wolf goes to 3 damage. Twin Sword follows the Vangaurd's lead and hits for 26000 thanks to a boost from Richard. Twin's Skill to grab a Battle Flag Knight Constance whom is left unable to attack due to Wolf getting defensive triggers.
Wolf makes his push for game now his damage is 4, Break Ride into Revenger, Phantom Blaster "Abyss" Break Ride skill to call Fighting Spirit Revenger, Macart who in turn retrieved Transcient Masqurade upon performing the action of Legion. A Dorint and Blaster Dark Revenger column turns up a counterblast and Wolf then attacks.

Block Dark, I'm still two damage. Abyss attacks with it's first swing, no guard, Wolf checks 2 Grade 3s. Retire to stand again, I nullify. Wolf checks another Grade 3, and a heal. I let the final attack hit. Putting us at 4-3 in Wolf's favour. But hit lack of shield leaves Wolf vunrable and my second stride of Regalie alongside triple driving 3 triggers; Crit, Heal, Crit- Game

Adding to the number of Matt, Mathews and Matthews in the area, my second opponent shall be introduced as Tridge, this game was evenly matched for most of it's duration, even with Tridge having to G-Sassit for a grade 1, only to ride a Perfect Guard
Even match and me having only a moderatly better time in comparitson as I missed the ridechain and thus my easy early set-up/ The game reached a point after each having had one stride that had Tridge been able to get to his next turn, it would have tipped the balance with crippling effectiveness, however I sacked crits just in time, and he never got that chance to unleash Conquest.

Round 3 was  against a guest to the shop, who had come from somewhere than even by train is an hour away, they were an unknown fighter who came in entering with 2 combined Aqua Force decks. I'd free-played the opponent earlier and also knew that once GB1 hit that things would start going live and getting dangerous, so I opted for a tactical early rush thanks to SoL ride chain skill on Determinator. Instead or retrieving a grade as I usually would I instead grabbed another grade 2, Sanctuary of Light, Determinator to hit with a decent attacker. The following turn I rode Altmile, opponent was sitting on the Grade 3 10 from the Trial Deck.went immediately into Gablade and alt's Stride skill to maintain pressure. It took 2 strides and Generation Break 2 to deliver the vital crushing blow. Managed to score and hit with Battle Flag Knight, Constance to use his skill to replace it's booster with a new one, this used in combination with Twin Sword to enabled me to rest the entire column for a 4th attack and potentially game. That said, I didn't actually get to finish this combo play due killing the opponent through critical sack once more.

Regardless of the how though, I managed 3-0 and that's an improvement on how things have been, but since most of the more difficult players to face were away fighting bigger beasts this local really can't be considered as any form of evidence of improvement.

Only down side to topping, I've got to defend next month- and when that time comes I'll probably fall.