Thursday, 14 May 2015

V-Decks: Metalborgs

Cosmic Heroes are the good.
Zeal is the bad.
And Metalborgs... they're the ugly side of justice.

Lead by Metalborg, Sin Buster and his insanely powerful glory attacks combined with Commander Laurel. With the support putting everything on the Vanguard in the most simple and effective way possible.

Deck Name: The renegade legion, Metalborgs Attack!!

1x Metalborg, Loco Battler (FV)

4x Metalborg Operator, Kilika (Stand)
4x Metalborg, Battle Roller (Critical)
4x Metalborg, Black Nurse (Heal)
4x Metalborg, Grasscutter (Critical)
2x Commander Laurel
3x Metalborg, Black Doctor
3x Metalborg, Bryknuckle
4x Metalborg, Mist Ghost
2x Metalborg, X Blaise
4x Metalborg, Lionetter
3x Metalborg, Magmafork
4x Metalborg, Ur Buster
4x Metalborg, Barrengrader
2x Metalborg, Dryon
2x Metalborg, Sin Buster

2x Dark Superhuman, Omega
2x Super Cosmic Hero, X-rogue
2x Super Cosmic Hero, X-falcon
2x Super Cosmic Hero, X-tiger

Again with the episodic style names. Don't worry, I only do that for Dimension Police, but I do do it for all Dimension Police builds.

So. what do we have, Metalborg, Barrengrader for a start; this new Grade 3 is the deck's secret weapon. Ride him and you can instantly switch him for Sin Buster, as such once I have two more Sin Busters this deck will no longer have a fail con Grade 3, technically speaking anyway since the fail con is still a success due it's skill.

How about the plan? Simple! Go in for the kill by making Metalborg, Sin Buster so large he simply can not be stopped. If you're not going in for the kill, well it doesn't matter, the center lane with Metalborg, Black Doctor as your booster will be putting out pressure all game either via Sin Buster getting a 10k booster, triggering his Glory Skill, or because your on stride.

Many folks will run this deck as 12 Criticals, noticeably I do not, two reasons for that, the first is personal preference of sticking as loyal to the Metalborg theme as I can, the second is that because Metalborg Operator, Kilika give a legion +6000, that's quite a contribution towards making Sin Buster stupidly huge.

The presence of Commander Luarel shouldn't need explaining, sure he's a crutch, but that's not so much the case anymore, nowadays he's pure advantage and win con. Especially in this deck. If Sin Buster is pumped and non-guardable with Commander Laurel on the field, "Good Game" as someone is most probably about to die.

What about possible changes or upgrades? Let's just settle with saying come June, if Laurel isn't banned... Hello Metalborg Tier 0.