Friday, 8 May 2015

(Overdue) V's-Decks: Cosmic Heroes

Note I'm going to be using the (Overdue) prefix for a while due to current complications.

As I do all of these posts I shall also update my deck lists page, bout time I got around to that anyw
I bought 4 boxes of Cosmic Roar and from those I've built what I can, across all groups, some decks have minor upgrade, some overhauled, but this ofcourse, is a new deck so it has no benefit of having a pre-exisiting structure, however, pure Cosmic Heroes, the direction in which I want to take this build, practically build themselves. However, being a new deck from scratch it is also the furthest from completion of it's final form at only 79.4% complete. I will however be getting at least one more box, by trading in an SP Daiearth and a play mat to my local shop.


Deck Name : Heroes of the Cosmos - Beyond Brave, A New Legend Is Born!

1x Cosmic Hero, Grandseed (Starter)

2x Cosmic Hero, Grandbeat
4x Cosmic Hero, Grandrescue
2x Demon-eye Monster, Gorgon
4x Dimensional Robo, Daibattles
4x Operator Girl, Reika

4x Cosmic Hero, Grandchopper
4x Cosmic Hero, Grandrope
4x Cosmic Hero, Grandwagon
2x Diamond Ace

4x Cosmic Hero, Grandfire
3x Cosmic Hero, Grandkungfu
4x Cosmic Hero, Grandsub

2x Great Cosmic Hero, Grandgallop
2x Super Dimensional Robo, Daikaiser
4x Great Cosmic Hero, Grandbazooka

3x Dark Superhuman, Omega
3x Super Cosmic Hero, X-Rogue
1x Super Cosmic Hero, X-Falcon
1x Super Cosmic Hero, X-Tiger


So, having stated that this deck is incomplete I should probably start by answering the question of, what's missing? Well if this was a meta build, working in the Metalborg, Sin Buster legion, this deck would only be 65.5% complete, so clearly it isn't that. Plus I already stated that this will end as a pure Cosmic Hero deck, well with exception of triggers but that's negligible as a pure CosHer trigger line-up isn't possible.

What's missing:
4x Cosmic Hero Grandguard
I know Commander Laurel is still running around at upto 4 copies a deck but this isn't intended as a tournament deck, this is meant as a themed casual deck that would also be suitable for lending and tutoring.

2x Cosmic Hero, Grandbeat
Being a RR, I'm still going to need atleast 2 boxes to get a second, or use singles. But if I'm building as pure as I can, this guy has to be at 4. As a single he's cheap so he's not my reason to be buying more boxes.

2x Great Cosmic Hero, Grandgallop
Working on it, but since he costs nearly as much as a box, well there's my reason to buy boxes, besides, he isn't the only RRR I still need, I don't mean for just this deck either, but that will come later.

1x Super Cosmic Hero, X-Falcon
A debatable choice for many, but has ability to highly disrupt the opponent, it may be costly, but Triggers can affect it's activation and the cost is more than worth the reward for committing to this unit. Retire an opponent's unit, but by sending it to damage face down, also negating damage check in the process, of importance, this skill can also be used to deliver a killing blow to an opponent. I want this in SP. <_<

1x  Super Cosmic Hero, X-Tiger (atleast)
No costs on counterblast and with how easy it is to aqquire 2 critical on this guy, X-Tiger is going to forcing those perfect guards from an opponent's hand. Allowing you to follow for the kill with another X-Tiger or X-Falcon. Being another RRR I require, this is another validation for buying another box.


The Objective of this deck is to pass power boosts along the field, increasing not just the power of your Vanguard lane as was the case in all Dimension Police deck decks prior, with exception to Galactic Beast, Zeal. By passing power you unlock skills which are stacked on the Vanguard, which effectively maintains Dimension Police's image of all on the vanguard. The pressure this deck's center puts is somewhat on the insane side, the opponent is going to want to keep blocking the center as long as they can because as soon as it hit, you are well on your way to winning, even without the now notorious and frequently hated Commander Laurel.

The issue with pure Cosmic Heroes is the counterblast usage, and a problem shared by all pure G decks the speed, or rather lack of.

In terms of building the deck, it's not hard, nor is it overly costly, only two cards are really going to leave serious dents in the wallet and that's Great Cosmic Hero, Grandgallop and Super Cosmic Hero, X-Tiger. But if you want to build maximum rarity, well the cost goes up quite a bit, and frankly I just don't see the point in doing that to yourself, sure the deck's more valuable and and since it uses SP's is unlikely to ever loose it's value, so it's better if your the type to build and sell on future, but if you're only building for yourself, why should rarity matter?