Monday, 11 May 2015

(Overdue) V-Decks: Zeal

Not an easy deck to decide it's build, and even if you get it right, it's success is highly dependent on the ride chain. Of course there are alternative options to work around this but the following is the build I've been using with it's game plan following.

I would also like to point out before proceeding that even though this is an overdue post meant for last week, yesterday I bought a 5th box of Cosmic Roar and the RRR I pulled was a second Super Cosmic Hero, X-tiger, thanks to that I have added it to my G-Deck.

Deck Name : The Ultimate Galactic Beast revived, Zeal returns!

1x Larva Beast, Zeal (FV)
(6 Critical)4x Demon-eye Monster, Gorgon
2x Metalborg, Battle Roller
(6 Stand)
2x Noise Monster, Decibelon
4x Operator Girl, Reika
(4 Heal)
4x Dissection Monster, Kaizon
4x Cosmic Hero, Granguard
4x Evolution Monster, Davain
4x Eye of Destruction, Zeal
2x Karenroid, Daisy
3x Cosmic Mothership
4x Devourer of Planets, Zeal
4x Fusion Monster, Bugreed
4x Galactic Beast, Zeal
4x New Era Beast, Zeal

4x Dark Superhuman, Omega
2x Miracle Element, Atmos
2x Super Cosmic Hero, X-tiger


Zeal's strength is also it's weakness. The Ride Chain give the deck it's focus and the entire strategy revolves around it. As such missing the Ride Chain can fully derail your game plan.

This deck favors the first move; you want to ascend the grade system using the Ride Chain and use chain bonuses, of being able to weaken an opponent's defense, to rush and gain an early lead, this is achieved by Fusion Monster, Bugreed as if this unit hits while an opponent's power is 8000 or less, you get to draw one card. Free advantage is never a bad thing, unfortunately, this gambit can also be easily shut down by a damage checked trigger and there's little chance of you getting all the pieces you'd desire.

On turn 3 ride, Galactic Beast, Zeal and follow up with Evolution Monster, Davain to perform the swap to New Era Beast, Zeal. Recover your now in-soul Galactic Beast, Zeal to a rearguard circle (in back row if you can afford to, front row if you only have 2 attackers),and proceed to battle. In the opponent's following turn you will need to hope they ride to Grade 3, and you must defend this unit in preparation for your next move.

Turn 4: Stride Dark Superhuman, Omega and use it's skill to absorb your rearguard Galactic Beast, Zeal. If all has gone as planned this turn should work out being a major push towards victory.

There are alternations to the deck that could be made to make this game plan work out smoother and provide more attack options. The deck that was on Canada's second place team had the following changes compared the build I've been using and having fun with.

For comparison, the deck was used in Canada is now view-able on the official Cardfight Vanguard website (event though I knew the recipe before the announcement was official.)
I will be changing my deck list to match the Canadian deck as I do wish to test it, but I will run only 2 Laurel's (I used to have 7 copies in collection but now only 6.)


Now I'm caught up, I need to deal with this week's COTW.