Saturday, 28 March 2015

Brave's Buddies: Sour Shadow

Shadow Disaster appeared at Escape....

On neutral ground I finally announce to my former leader that I now have my own team- that went down surprisingly well actually. As did a Gear Chronicle mirror match which proved to be very close, but Shadow Disaster using perfect guards too early in the game gave me an opening in the last crucial moments that otherwise he would have won the game, probably.

What didn't go down so well was what happened next. I switch over to my main deck and he does the same.
Turns out to be what is currently a poorly built Raging Form deck, out dated and sub-optimal, all because of having Sword breaker but no way to Superior call her in bulk. Not that the game lasted long enough to get to a point where that point would be proven.
Due to dice roll, which I lost, I started second. Except unlike Shadow, my deck REALLY likes going second thanks to my Stride Cray Elementals. Well turn 3 comes around, I ride Daikiaser atop Daifighter then stride. The important thing to note here is I had 4 rearguard, one of which was him... Commander Laurel. I send Atmos to attack, unboosted but using it's skill, enough to make for one pass. The attack hits after successful drive check so Laurel goes off, so I swing again. This time he can't guard- oh and that last trigger I mentioned? It was a critical.

A multitude of factors or lining up just right, now Shadow Disaster is on the "Ban Laurel" train. Somehow that end result does not surprise me.

Speaking of which, still heard nothing on the commander getting English restrictions so I guess the threat is VERY real.