Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Brave's Battles: Asura's Wrath

And no, I don't mean Immortal.

So where do I start, well the beginning might be a safe bet.

This story has four characters to it, Assassin, Anon, and a chap locally nicknamed Dusty, or as I accidentally called him, Rusty.

9 man tournament
2 or 3 users of "The X"
I believe 3 different Royal Paladin decks.
1 occurrence of Amon's Leader
1 Nova Grappler deck, mentioned in the title above.
And in my case, True Daikaiser.

Frankly the day didn't go favourably.
Assassin, the one opponent I defeated, was DQ'ed anyway, for a stupid reason to, so I can't accept that win as legitimate, not when I may have easily lost otherwise.

Fight 2 Vs Anon, and my first time facing X in real life, surprisingly a close game but ultimately is The X. So defeat was nothing short of an expected result. The X itself was never allowed to hit until my resources just flat out ran out, by which point I had no recovery anyway, yet all that time X kept gaining and gaining. I am yet to work out how to defeat that monstrosity.

The 3rd game is what's really interesting, enter Dusty and his Nova Grappler deck, an Asura / Victor build with some Death Army thrown in. Need to get the Decklist at some point so I can review it for the blog because it really is interesting.
This was, like round 2, a close game, but Dusty managed to get enough Grade 3 checks to push me to 4 damage, at which point it was time to go all in, much sooner than I would have liked. It was a Grade 3 to Revenge Kill for game and I didn't get it. Dusty follows with his own Final Turn of Meteorkaiser, Victplasma, he attacks with his Death Army column first, I guard, Vanguard attack follows, I have to opt to no guard as I know I can't block both the first and second swings. Dusty scores a Crit Trigger and get the win. But a reveal of what would have followed shows a Grade 3, the restood Death Army would have got me even if I'd deflected everything else. Just that one game but it's enough to have made an impression and that is that I am impressed.

Doesn't change the fact that I was outright obliterated though with 0 legit wins (again, that one guys DQ doesn't count as a win to me.)