Tuesday, 24 February 2015

COTW (W/C: 22/02/2015): Blue Sky Knight, Altmile

[CONT](VC) Generation Break 2 (This ability is active if you have two or more face up G units in total on your (VC) or G zone):During your turn, all of your units in your front row get [Power]+5000.
[AUTO](VC):[Counter Blast (1)] During your turn, when your G unit Stride, you may pay the cost. If you do, choose up to two cards from your hand, call them to separate (RC), choose up to two of your units, and those units get [Power]+5000 until end of turn.

I took a break week and in that time my main machines power supply has developed a fault, thankfully I have back-ups for such a scenario.

So, this week release the G Trial Decks and marks the dawn of a new era.
Officially introducing to English, Stride, Generation Break, G-Assist, and a new clan, Gear Chronicle.
But I digress, I will get to all of that in due time.
This week, there's three trial decks released, Gear Chronicle, Royal Paladin and Neo Nectar.

As individual Trial Decks fresh out of the box I'd say that Royal Paladin is the better investment of the three and Blue Sky Knight, Altmile is a testament towards this. Providing you don't dedicate to a full formation before your initial Stride, Altmile provides an amazing skill when used in combination with the Trial Deck's support units, one of which, Knight of Twin Sword, superior calls when it attacks while boosted, and makes for the perfect target to receive that additional stage of power from Altmile whether you are calling it, or a booster for it from your hand with Altmile's skill in affect. Preferably that booster, so you can lump a Stand Trigger on it. (Assuming you try the deck as is at least once, or combine just 2-4 Trial Decks) Best part about the skill, the power gain and calling are independent of each other, you can provide power to any two units, this can includes Vanguard, even if you don't call anything from your hand.

Altmile is probably best compared to Super Dimensional Robo, Daikaiser in the context of being a Trial Deck boss that will become the center of many decks for quite some time to come, despite the two cards being completely different to one another. Altmile at the core is a combo card to be used in conjunction with pressurizing rearguard, upping the threat level of your field.

Pressure and threat, now there's 2 things you want on your side.

This was a hard week to choose a COTW for as with new releases alone, there's so many interesting cards coming to English that I want to talk about but I must restrict my self to just one of them at a time. Between Amon's Leader, Asoroth, True Ultimate Dimensional Robo, Great DaikaiserInter-dimensional Dragon, Mystery Flare Dragon, this, Shrouded Divine Knight, Gablade, Ranunculus Flower Maiden, Ashha and Flower Princess of Spring, Arborea there's a lot of strong candidates calling out for attention. Chose not to do True Ultimate Dimensional Robo, Great Daikaiser as I show enough bias to Dimension Police as it is, but then that still leaves a lot of candidates. Heck even the Duo Legion isn't that bad, as it helps with the deck's tanking while the Legion mechanic itself provides the consistently high attack power. Altmile won out above all these because it's what I clicked on first.