Monday, 2 February 2015

Brave's Battles: Doubley Burned

(Note it's now early Monday morning in UK but I'm counting this as Sunday's post.)

Well I've come back from the BrumUK HQ Monthly, with double burns from Kagero.

Round 1 opponent was Seeker, Thing Saver Dragon, but in an incomplete state, with only 3 copies. Still, I'm not overly sure how I won that one as I was at disadvantage quite a bit. However, I reckon I can probably contribute my win down to three crucial factors. The first being that the double re-stand was shut down due to the opponent damaging one Thing Saver, and secondly also having to ride it before the secondary grade 3, Wingal. The third being that I got all four of my Perfect guards to hand. (Now that's luck, sure it's chance, but there is luck involved to, even if you word it as good fortune, in the given context it's still the same meaning as "luck")


Round 2 l lost to Transcendence Dragon, Dragonic Nouvelle Vague because it completely caught me off guard. While I did 
make effort to avoid early damage to take the big hits later on, Critical Checks during the Double Attack Break Ride turn put me in the kill zone for the following turn, and if not for the Tom Skill I may have still been fine, but alas, I did not have enough shield to guard Nouvelle on the following turn and when you are against Nouvelle, in that situation and at 5 damage, there are no miracle heals. It's game over. Dead. It should be noted that while Laurel did apeear in this game, it made little difference as my opponent was Snake, whom knows Laurel and will as such


Round 3, and a second loss in a row, never good for your score, this time to Perdition Kagero, was a very close, hard fought match. In the end it came down to a one to pass that just wasn't enough. But I can't be salty over it. It was a good, fun game, so while I lost, that doesn't really matter to me. I Rode up to Great Daikaiser without a hitch, despite loosing my starter to Gatling Claw Dragon, and met my opponent's Vanguard, which at the time was Perdition Emperor Dragon, Dragonic Overlord, The Great. To answer my opponent, noting their current setup could only destroy me via columns, I called both of my decks Commander Laurels to the field, one behind my Vanguard, the other behind a Dimensional Robo, Daidragon to the left.

While I was able to trigger Commander Laurel's skill, having attacked a Perdition Dragon, Whirlwind Dragon, and re-stood to gain additional hand to protect myself next turn, and also hopefully get a more lethal attack on the Danguard, this attack was negated by a perfect guard.
My opponent then reveals why he let Laurel hit, riding Perdition Dragon, Vortex Dragonewt and Legions returning to the deck, and using the same Whirlwind Dragon I had just slain, this was followed up by a Trinity Crimson Flame which, I didn't realize, can target ANY 2 Rearguard circles, and that was used to kill off both of my Commander Laurels, and put me up to five damage. After that I had to guard for one to pass, and he pulled a Critical, however, my opponent had outmaneuvered me entirely, even without factoring that final fate trigger, so their win was thoroughly deserved.
You may also argue that I deserved to lose due to relying on my crutch (Laurel) to keep level.


With two losses in a row and my chance at making the top 4 cut gone, my Round 4 fight was Vs. Beast Dieties. Now this game I SHOULD have lost, since Beast Deities succeeded with their early rush, leaving me with few resources to guard (starting hand held 2 Grade 3 in the first place) but then Laurel happened, and while my opponent could have easily stopped my recovery, which then turned into advantage, they let my Vanguard chip away their front line which allowed me re-stand using Laurel. Turns out they didn't know Laurel's skill which was probably my only saving grace. But then that doesn't answer why they didn't stop my 1 stage vanguard attacks on following turns...


Laurel Appearances: 3/4 games. And that's only at 2 copies. (Yes I've started counting how many times he turns up.)

I was using Great Daikaiser.
They were a total of 13 entrants with local clan distribution as follows:
2 Kagero (1 Nouvelle, 1 Perdition)
2 Dimension Police (1 Daikaiser Metalborgs w/ 3 Laurel's, 1 Great Daikaiser w/ 2 Laurels)
2 Link Joker (1 Garnet Chaos, 1 Blaster Joker)
1 Royal Paladin (Seekers)
1 Shadow Paladin (Aybss)
1 Narukami (Brawlers)
1 Granblue (Legion)
1 Aqua Force (Maelstrom "
1 Pale Moon (Silver Thorns w/ legion)
1 Nova Grappler (Beast Dieties)

Legion Decks: 6
Limit Break Decks: 4
Combination: 3

Top 4 (In order):
1st: Perdition 

2nd: Granblue
3rd: Metalborgs
4th: Nouvelle

The winner, a member of an away team called "Supernova" scored "domination" by winning all of their matches.

For now we all go back out separate ways, and I salute the victor for well earned win. The winner IS a "Brave's Buddy" but they do not currently have an alias, which means I never mentioned a name as I have a policy about not using peoples' real names on the internet.

It's clear to me that Flame Dragons are my nemesis, so for the next time we fight, I must get stronger, what is my "Justice" lacking? surely if my sword was true I would not waver and fall in battle. . .

My 2015 event record currently stands at: 8W/4L(3 Events)