Monday, 5 January 2015

COTW - W/C 05/01/15: Lycoris Musketeer, Vera

Next person to mention Ryuko gets the scissors

[ACT] (VC)Legion20000 "Lycoris Musketeer, Saul"
[CONT] (VC):During the turn where this unit Legion, all of your units with "Musketeer" in its card name get [Power]+3000.
[ACT] (VC):[Choose one of your rear-guards with "Musketeer" in its card name, and retire it] Look at five cards from the top of your deck, search for up to one card with "Musketeer" in its card name from among them, call it to (RC), and shuffle your deck. This ability cannot be used for the rest of that turn.

Well I've heard of rarity drops in the past, but Version E has performed rarity rises, and this seems to continue into BT17 Version E. However, let it not be said that this is a unit5 that didn't deserve it.

Lycoris Musketeer, Vera, is the Musketeer's Arboros Dragon, Sephirot, being easier setup and gain benefit from, whilst having the trade off of only being live with it's skill for one turn, the turn on which Vera performs Legion.

Her secondary skill, is typical of the musketeers, retire a Musketeer to call another. In fact, this skill is a copy/paste of the secondary skill of Musketeers' first boss, White Lily Musketeer, Cecilia. As someone who's played the original BT08 Musketeers, I'm perfectly ok with that.

What Lycoris Musketeer, Vera offers the deck that which it was previously lacking, an explosive, high powered push for game. Granting 6000 power to each full column, it's own column gaining 9000 because of herself, her booster and her mate.

Numbers time:
Taking a standard (legion) field layout the following:

9000 | 20000 | 9000
7000 | 7000| 7000
16000 (2)| 27000 (4) | 16000 (2)

*Just to clarify the numbers in the brackets represent minimum required stages of guard to block in most situations.

Now, factoring in Lycoris Musketeer, Vera's Legion skill...

12000 | 26000 | 16000
10000 | 10000 | 10000
22000 (3) | 36000 (6) | 22000 (3)

Noting that with the Vanguard's tin drive factored in, it's a further 2 stages to no pass that lane. Going from a turn offensive of 8 (10) stages, to 12 (14) stages, is quite significant. and with those 3 stage rear guard lanes it's worth tossing a checked Critical on them for that additional threat, especially since any Sentinel will have been used on the Vanguard anyway if the attacks meant imminent danger.

Do I need to cover Vera's mate? No, not really, I could quickly some him up like this:
In your legion turn he becomes a momentary draw engine, with the cost of returning three normal units to the deck. Just have to attack the Vanguard, which considered the power gain across the board, works well in combination with Vera. Since, between all three attacks, that's a lot of stages swinging at the Vanguard.