Friday, 30 January 2015

Brave's Battles: The BrumUK Victory League and talking to myself (No actual fighting in this post)

Tomorrow is the HQ Monthly, that means a chance to rack up a good deal of local Victory Points in my Victory League. Yes, I'm ripping off the games VP system, and yes I'm taking part in my own league.
Admitting I'm not sure how many people are actually aware that this happening in the back ground. But hey.

To explain how this came about I've gone through 3 Table version before settling.
The first table ranked using Win Ratio as the only guide, of course this presented issues with fairness, so that table was scrapped.

My second attempt introduced a Fighter Points (FP) System which gave points based on win, number of events competed in, and milestones within events. However the scores came out in bizarre decimal numbers due the equations used and method could be exploited in has far as those who turned up more often but never scored wins could outrank someone who, despite having wins, turned up less often. So this was scrapped, although the table remains active.

The third iteration of my score table instead incorporates the Victory Point (VP) system.
Winning an average Weekly Local works out being worth 160 VP.

A win is worth 10 points.
Making a top cut is a bonus 30
Getting to the final showdown awards an extra 20, creating a total of 50 points for hitting each milestone.
Winning an event however showers the victor with yet another 50 points.

Standard format, with enough people is four rounds of Swiss then a top 4 cut.
So winning the matches alone scores 50 Points And of course, win that final and you've won 6 games, meaning 60 points.
I could have chosen to do the following split however.
Win: 10
Top Cut: 20
Final: 30
Event Win: 40
Which would make more sense on paper as it creates more rewarding tiers for each milestone reached and would mean a local is worth a more standard number of 150.

However, there's a reason I chose the bonuses I did.
I tossed reason and logic to the curb. I knew full well what the standard layout would and should be, I just decided to go, "ah screw it", and did it my own illogical way. I'm a mecha player, you really expect anything I do to make logical sense?

But now I think about it, perhaps I should change how bonuses apply, even though it would reduce a lot of folks points by a bit, the change wouldn't impact or changes anyone's ranks.

In any case, tomorrow I have a local to go, and the current "HQ defender" is a rather large fox, the rest of us will be wanting to take that spot.
However this is the part where I come clean and confess, I've never won the HQ Monthly and earned the honor of defending the region. I've made top four, but I've only event I've ever won outright is the recent Blazing Perdition Sneak Peak. In which I sacked my way to a "perfect victory" in other words, no losses. Other than that I placed second in the shared sneak peak for Champions of the Cosmos and Divine Dragon Progression, while using Nova Grappler. I think I made the top 4 in the HQ monthly twice pre-legion, but since legion I've fallen way behind, mainly as I haven't been investing in the legion sets at all. Mostly getting by on the Promo Legions, of which I have Pale Moon and Megacolony Decks, but now I have Legion in my Raizer deck, sure I only have the vanilla legion, but it's enough for now.

So what will I use tomorrow? I'm not too sure yet, however I know the options I can consider:

  • Chojigan Gattai, Brave Daikaiser- the power of bonds!
  • Legendary Brave Daiyard, Daiyusha Returns!
  • Raizer Rumble (Updated)
  • Silver Lined Fun
or lastly, but by no means least,
  • Stun Gun Mk.2
So that's five of my decks I'm considering, although it would help for context if I actually completed the Decks page. I guess I'll get that done next week, it then shouldn't need updating again untill the G Trial Decks are released and I expand into Gear Chronicle while upgrading my SoL Guardians deck and managing to rebuild a deck I had to once decommission, that being Neo Nectar maidens. Then it'll be a case of skip G-BT01.

Getting back to which deck I'll use though, I'm leaning towards it being either Daiyard, or (Cat) Raizers.

If I have the consent of the majority of the people on it, I may share the league table as of the end of January next week, before Wednesday, as by then we start the next leg of the League.
And I'll probably post a tournament report Sunday evening depending on, A) whether I remember enough details to be able to do such, B)whether or not I'm in a mood of which it suits me to.