Monday, 29 December 2014

V Update: Testing inconclusive

I've got a large post in the works for this week looking back on 2014 so that's part of why I didn't post anything last week, the other reason is that Christmas is a chaotic time of the year so I had to postpone some of my other plans.

In additional news, despite my raving in support of a pure seeker build over a hybrid deck with Abyss, my testing has so far been slow and inconclusive. It's hard to sit through sessions of 8 games at a time, and I want a total of 100? I must be going mad, I don't have time for that. However I will be pushing on and I intend to have that testing done before my next trip out into Birmingham for a Sneak Peak of BT17e, even though I'm not investing in packs, I will still be doing the sneak peak as it's something to do and I've not been out for a goo fight for several weeks now due to transportation problems getting in and out of the city.

So yes, testing is still on-going as current evidence is inconclusive, although I'm sure tossing a Frozen Ogle in to either build would shake that up a bit. Not that I will as that's not part of my testing parameters.

In terms of blog updates, not necessarily related to the game, I will be uploading my deck lists over the new year, now that I know from an experiment how to link to specific pages, I know that link (above) is currently a dead end but I will be restoring the page once I have taken some time to put my lists to it. I should also have an actual finished banner for next year in place of my current temporary choice. Should include some fancy typography to create my own logo, even though I realized after I settled on my chosen graphic that it's not a new concept as Black Veil Brides, a metal band, and other groups beat me to the design layout ages ago. But hey, it's tried and true, and it works very well.

Anyway, I'm going to resume work on my 2014 look back now and all I can say is, thank Touya, as I know I wouldn't have remembered any of these events if Vanguardus didn't have an archive of news for the entire year.

As for going into next year, I'll resume COTW for the Week commencing Jan 5th 2015, and in the same week I will hopefully be sharing my thoughts on a certain Extra Booster, I mean I DO main Dimension Police after all so it's not like I'm going to stay quiet when I can let a Roar of the Cosmos!