Wednesday, 26 November 2014

V's Thoughts: Stride and G-Assist

So a new season means new gimmicks and new mechanics. In this Case, Cardfight!! Vanguard G brings with it, not just one, but TWO new mechanics that both focus on a new zone called the Generation Zone, Stride and G-assist. There's also Generation Break which I haven't yet toyed with.

So firstly, Stride.
Now I dare say, I like this mechanic, and I mean a lot.

It's comparable to Break Ride and despite initial expectations and assumptions.  Having had the chance to properly use it, I'd say Stride is far more balanced than Legion and the fact of it being accessible to all decks means it's possible to use old decks among even the modern meta.

To test this theory I even used my old Enigman deck and made some opponents expect easy wins, then they realized how I was using Stride to take full advantage of Commander Laurel resulting in several mixed reactions. Although in this scenario the opponent would typically change their strategy to prevent further abuse it also proved to be a gambit very reliant on having the element of surprise to work. Bear in mind the Enigman build is a first generation deck using cards from BT03-BT05. For my clan of choice there is no older builds. So this as an example is probably a good one to use.

The G-Units however also bring with them G-Assist, which while you hope you never have to resort to, it's better to take the chance of getting the grade you need that remaining grade stuck and be facing an uphill struggle from there on out. And if G-Assist fails it means you would have likely lost anyway had you not resorted to it. While having to show your entire hand give the opponent knowledge to formulate a full, potentially fatal onslaught, it's still better an auto loss. Still, even with G-Assist, one thing still needs addressing for the tournament format and that's that best of one is unhealthy in a probability focused games. To control more for skill and less for a chance sack, the format should be best-of-3. But that isn't probably going to be fixed anytime soon.

So for these two mechanics I'm going to give the thumbs up, a highly positive reaction, where as with legion I just flat out did not like it, finding it bland and boring, even though it has it's own advantages and is an evident power creep up from Limit Break, and yet I still prefer chaining "single-use" boosts and spikes in power. And I think this also why I'm more comfortable with Stride than Legion, even though the former may provide fuel for the latter, but this again works in Strides favor as it demonstrates further how it supports older decks and older formats. The Generation Meta has the potential to be the most Diverse meta the games ever seen and that's a good thing. Sure tiers are still going to be a thing but as it stand currently testing for tier and deck consistency just became alot harder as the doors and options have been blown wide open and off the hinges... so with that in mind, if anyone asks- I'm not helping with tests... I'll leave working out the tiers to some other group. I'll just be focusing on trying to test how my planned future builds for reality play out.