Saturday, 15 November 2014

Brave's Buddies: Shadow Disaster's Requiem at Dusk (Sneak Preview report)

(Report written by Shadow Disaster)

The first sneak peak of a the legion era started and finished, with a fight between the 2 respected clans of Genesis and Shadow Paladin. In my honest opinion I do feel that the Booster Draft went well, I had 2 wins and 2 loses the first loss was to snake which was rather bitter and pointless, and the other was to Duke, both from Team Dark Sanctuary, to which i enjoyed and it a pleasant battle.

How ever with the wins I achieved the first was against Angel and i really enjoyed that game as I feel it was a close game between us, and make me want to face her again with my own deck, and the last game of the day against a random child, at first I felt it was be an easy win once I reached Legion but then as I let one of his attacks, through which cost me the only copy of my legion mate so I felt obligated to take vengeance. (I honestly felt like a butcher, a butcher that just got his hands on a very fresh piece of meat, so fresh you could say it still had a pulse and i reached for the biggest, sharpest, and heaviest blade I could get my hands on and started to slice and cut away at him till he hit 6 damage it wasn't enough i wanted to beat him even more to the point where he would have FEARED ME !!!!)

In concerns of my loot, I was very happy to walk away with an SP copy of one of the cards I entered for ‘thanks to the overlord’ and caused a bit of an upset with a card fighter in the sneak preview.  

He may have won the fight but I won the war.