Saturday, 1 November 2014

Brave's Battles: Zero Escape

Wednesday, Birmingham - Defeated: 0 wins.

Friday, Coventry - 3-1, but due to judge screw up, officially listed as 2-2. I am NOT accepting responsibility for what was clearly, to any witnesses paying attention at the time, NOT MY FAULT.

On both occasions I was using my slightly improved Dimensional Robos, take this as an indicator of the difference in ability between the 2 cities, if you will. Be that as it may though, Coventry still beat Birmingham in the latter's monthly weekender locals, with Coventry's JB* (*"buddy alias" alias pending) winning the day with Pale Moon Silver Thorns, which have also been enjoying relative success in the professional leagues of the WCQ's.

Additionally to this I've faced this deck, or variants of it 3 times in a locals tournament at Escape, one of which I faced twice, once in Swiss Rounds and once more in top four, which due to the mistake mentioned above, I was very nearly denied my space in the top four, a space I fought hard to claim. Although by that point I'd gotten into a slightly pissy mood and all forms of lenience were gone, as my semis opponent found out when they declared an attacked that bounced off unharmed and unlike I usually would, I denied them the opportunity to change their target.

So going over this week, one game at a time.

On Wednesday, my first tournament opponent was Murray, who was using a Celestial Angel Feather deck focusing on, Solidify Celestial, Zerachial, and scoring those hard hitting 3+ stage Rearguard columns on top of a strong center lane. In his own words, "it's inconsistent but when it goes off it hurts" I don't know about the consistency issue but I can vouch for it hurting. My defenses didn't last very long. But then again, I went in expecting his standard, "Reverse" deck.

Match 2: Vs. Star-vader, "Omega" Glendios

Not LJA's deck but still a painful match, not so much because of the opponent though, but because of my own misplays which allowed my foe to Omega Lock me one time too many. This is a game that I fully deserved to lose having made too many mistakes, even though the tide came close to turning. It's hard to believe the game was so close considering my performance.

Match 3: Vs. Dragonic Empire's Cyclone, using Megacolony, Machining. (Mechacolony much?)

We both had a terrible game, that's all I can really say to this. I would write even just a brief explanation but aside from a prompt/note that tells mew this game happened, I really can not remember anything else about it.

Match 4: Vs. TDS Overlord, Dragonic Overlord, "The-Rebirth"

Well we'd both lost all our games by this point, fancy that, both me and my rival sharing the bottom of the pecking order at 0-3 each. Toss the cares out the window and go into full Role Play mode, also this match played out quite the epic, the imagination was strong in this one.
Robots vs. Dragons and a hard fought battle with both sides throwing everything we had at each other, we may each have lost all our respective games but there was still pride on the line and a fierce rivalry at the core of the feud. When all was said and done though and the dust had settle, my "Kaiser Soul!" paled in comparison to the power of the new and improved Overlord, (both buddy and card) this was also the first time I'd faced Overlord since his aligning and training with Team Dark Sanctuary.

So the day ends, with my Robos battered, broken and desperate for maintenance.

The day was won by Bermuda Triangle DUOS, having defeated Strat using, Eradicator Dragonic Descendant.


Fast forward to Friday and a locals, in Coventry.

Initially intended to be 4 round Swiss then a top 4 cut, this was reduced to 3 rounds of Swiss as time was marching on and Friday Night Magic was looking to start.

Round 1 vs. Pale Moon, Silver Thorns (D)

A tricky fight which I would have lost had I not been able to use Commander Laurel in the late game, but even then, that only bought me some time and it came down to a final Push with a Dimensional Robo, Goyusha aided Superior X-Break Ride and 6 cards left in the deck, of which, those cards were

1x Super Dimensional Robo, Daiyusha
1x Dimensional Robo, Daishield
3 Critical Triggers
1 Heal Trigger

Had the opponent survived that turn, it may have gone to losing the match on deck-out.

Round 2 vs. Nova Grappler

The opponent was a beginner, and their deck was even illegal, running only 15 triggers, not that it mattered as I won anyway. However this is where things went ary to, my opponent, according to the matching software should have been an Aqua Force, Trans-Core "Reverse" player. The TO pointed to me when giving my pairing only saying "you" my name was NEVER MENTIONED! My brother fought who I should have been and lost so as far as the matching software was concerned I had lost that round while my brother had won, obviously this was completely wrong and this is what very very nearly screwed me out of my top four position. Which had certain other factor not been corrected I would have still been placed 5th when I was rightfully 1st-3rd. I was placed 4th with 2-1 while actually 3-0. And yes I'm am STILL pissed off about this.

Round 3: Vs. Pale Moon, Silver Thorns (JB)

So, the one whom defeated my brother in the main Birmingham monthly final. With the same deck to. Strategy was simple enough, lay down a heavy onslaught before he got off his X-Ride 13k base defense. The game was easier than I feel it should have been, but (J) didn't really get off to an ideal start and that slowed down his performance considerably, one Break Ride and twin crit sack later and we were done.

Semi-Final: Vs. Pale Moon, Silver Thorns (D)
"Wait, didn't we already face each other?"
"Yeah, that happens with finals."

Seems like it's a rematch then.
And after an incredible amount of hassle to get into the top 4 due to- yeah, I'm bringing "that" up again. Which again, WAS NOT MY FAULT. If you make a mistake you take responsibility for it, I will NOT accept being accused of being at fault when the fault did not lie with me in the first place. Even though I know that I can't argue with the highest authority in an tournament once they have made a decision.

Complications aside, this was a good game that, like the first had the advantage in my opponents favor, in round one it was circumstance that turned the tide and my opponent not initially remembering Commander Laurel's skill, until after it went off the first time, this time around though, the opponent got the perfect set-up and I didn't, and that made all the difference. My forces were taken out and my defenses crumbled to the onslaught, no sack drive check and no second wind for me.


The final was Aqua Force, Trans-Core "Reverse" vs. Pale Moon, Silver Thorns (D), but I didn't pay that game any attention so I didn't see it's conclusion.

In total there were 18 players, which is more than double the usual for Coventry but then again, it is half-term.

I can't recall the deck distribution I know this much.

3 Kagero
1 Gold Paladin
1 Shadow Paladin
1 Neo Nectar
2 Dimension Police
3 Aqua Force
2 Pale Moon
1 Nova Grappler
1 Murakumo

(only missing 3, not bad. :P)